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Chris Chase

4 Qualities a Good MSP Website Should Have

Any website you visit online is designed with a certain purpose in mind (whether or not it’s designed well, is a different story). As a managed service provider, your website needs to have just as much forethought and planning as any other - in fact, it should probably have more. Let’s discuss a few requirements that a good MSP website needs to represent.

Chris Chase

The Persuasive Power of Statistics in Marketing

You want your marketing to be persuasive in getting your target audience to do what you want them to do - turning to you for all of their IT needs. Unfortunately words aren’t always enough. Sometimes, you’ll need to use some numbers (specifically, statistics) to get your message across - the Statistics Appeal advertising strategy.

Chris Chase

10 Best Practices to Follow When Promoting One of Your Services

You probably have a couple of different services that you wish your company sold more of. Maybe they have a bigger profit margin, or they don’t take a lot of time to manage so it wouldn’t overwhelm your employees if you sold a lot of this service. Whatever the reason, you need a way to promote that specific service so that you can generate more sales from it.

Chris Chase

How to Avoid Information Overload When Marketing Your Services

Most MSPs, probably your company included, offer a LOT of different service offerings that you sell. If you want to start selling more of these services, you have to promote them through your marketing.

Chris Chase

UPDATED: What is the GDPR/California "Shine the Light" Law? [FREE DOWNLOAD]

GDPR was introduced by the European Union, but it applies to businesses all over the world, especially if you could potentially collect personal data from a person residing within the EU. We feel, as a business, it’s important to safeguard personal data of your prospects and customers, and we think the GDPR is a big step in the right direction to provide transparency and understanding to your users. We've also made some updates to this blog post and the corresponding free download to cover California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also known as California's "Shine the Light" or "Your California Privacy Rights" law.

Chris Chase

Is Your MSP Talking About The Right Stuff?

When it comes to marketing yourself and your business as a managed service provider, your content should be the cornerstone of your strategy, supporting everything else you do. Regardless of what format your content is in, it needs to provide proof of your experience and value to prospective clients. Here are a few topics that your audience is likely to respond to.

Chris Chase

Choosing the Best Live Event for Your Marketing Goals

Few marketing endeavors are as nerve-wracking as hosting and/or attending a live event. Lunch and learns, webinars, podcasts, and trade shows are four events that have proven to be successful initiatives for managed IT service providers. Each type of event has different attributes that must be considered when deciding on which event is right for your MSP’s marketing goals. Here’s a breakdown of these four events to help you make the best choice.

Chris Chase

The Secret to Selecting the Right Webinar Topic

As many businesses have found out when looking to offer a webinar to clients and/or prospects, selecting the right topic for your webinar is harder than it sounds. It’s important not to lose sight that the purpose of a webinar is to educate and assist your target audience, not pitch the benefits and features of your service offering. For example, you might offer a webinar that looks at business continuity best practices, as opposed to detailing your BDR solution.

Chris Chase

5 Things B2B Marketers Can Learn From Star Wars

Considering it’s one of the most epic movie franchises in history, there’s no doubt that there have been some equally epic marketing strategies behind its success. Unfortunately, the tricks used by Star Wars’ promotions tend to fit a bit better with B2C marketing strategies, as opposed to B2B.

And so, for B2B marketers who are looking to draw wisdom and inspiration from one of the greatest stories ever told, let us look toward the events that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Chris Chase

First Sight to Forever: Use Social Media to Develop Lasting Relationships

Have you ever been set up on blind date or gone on a first date where you didn’t know the person all that well? If so, you understand all the anxiety that it can cause. Figuring out what to wear, what to say and what to do can really stress you out and so can managing your company's social media accounts. What to post, what to like and what to share while still managing your company’s personality and authenticity while striving to become the thought leader in your area, can also cause anxiety for some. How do you minimize that anxiety on a first/blind date? Make it a group date - invite your friends and have them invite theirs. How do you minimize that anxiety when it comes to your social media? Share, retweet or repost other companies’ social media - as long as you have a method to your madness.

Chris Chase

Are Webinars Right For Me? Here is How To Get More Out of a Webinar

A webinar can go by many names, webcast, online training, online events, seminars or online classes. Webinars serve as a repository of educational content and provides the opportunity for greater engagement. Webinars encourage the participants to ask questions which is then provided with instant feedback from the presenters. This instantaneous exchange will build your credibility and, over time convert your visitors into prospects and from prospects to clients, overall strengthening all relationships.

Chris Chase

The True Importance of Transparency in B2B Marketing

Digital marketing has become the primary type of advertising. While there are many different suggestions about digital marketing best practices, one thing that most marketers can see eye-to-eye on is the importance of transparency. Fortune magazine defines transparency as: 

“making the practices, policies, algorithms, and even code, operating data, and future plans available to customers, employees, or business partners — runs counter to traditional business practices."

To put it simply, transparency is opening your company’s proverbial door to clients, prospects, vendors, and anyone else who cares to learn about you.

Chris Chase

4 of MSP Marketing's Biggest Myths

We love tips and ‘how-to’s just as much as the next person. But like many “truths” on the Internet, there are several commonly repeated marketing-related facts that are used out of context, embellished, or just plain made up. Here’s a few of the misconceptions that we run into every day. 

Chris Chase

Do What You Do Better than Anyone Else: Finding Your Niche

Why did you get into managed IT? Everybody has their own reasons. Was it an industry you fell into, or the result of careful planning? Did you transition from working for the internal IT department of a company? Have you always dreamed of a career in technology, or did you try other industries before finding your niche?

Chris Chase

Successfully Use Current Events in a Marketing Campaign

When it comes to business ethics, the internet and the concept of ‘going viral’ is relatively new territory. When a story breaks and begins to go viral, businesses will try and hitch a ride on the wave of attention the story is receiving. For a business, building a marketing campaign around one of these viral stories or events can be a great success, depending on your choice of event. 

Chris Chase

How To Write a Quality Blog Article

As a managed service provider, you know that there are tons of people out there who have no clue how to manage their IT. That’s your niche in the business. You manage their technology, but your business also plays another vital role. You’re responsible for educating your clients about the numerous aspects of their IT infrastructure, as well as informing them about how managed services are helping them accomplish their business’s goals.

Chris Chase

Decrypting Marketing Buzzwords and Trends

Have you ever Googled ‘B2B marketing strategies’? The result is billions of marketing ‘gurus’ sharing facts and opinions through articles, images, infographics, videos, podcasts, and any other type of medium used to reach audiences. There is certainly some great information and insight out there, but there are twice as many sources that are outdated, unsubstantiated, opinionated, or, in some cases, just plain made-up. When it comes to marketing and sales, determining which strategies and initiatives are going to be effective and which are just a phase can be very difficult. 

Chris Chase

Share Your Expertise

You are an expert! You are educated and trained to be a leader within your industry. There was a time in business when professionals were tight lipped with their knowledge, but this is the information age, and if you are not communicating information to the world, the world will go to someone else who is, costing you revenue.

Chris Chase

The Myth of Conversion: Why Only Improvement is Paramount

Chances are, your company’s website is more valuable to you than just an expensive advertisement on the Internet. You use it to attract new customers and clients. You use it to educate. You use it to support every product and service your organization offers. By having access to a professional looking and dynamic website, such as the Ultimate MSP Website, your organization can be more visible and publicly offer more incentives to potential clients. Just how many new customers would it take to produce the kind of ROI to justify paying the cost of your website? Using statistics can help you determine the answer to this question.

Chris Chase

The Basics of Blogging for your MSP

Much in the same way as more mainstream social media platforms, the blog, or web log, started as a kind of public forum for personal diatribes. Also comparable to other social media platforms, the blog can not only be used to post videos of goats singing along with TV show theme songs, but can also be a potent tool for online marketing; it’s able to accomplish numerous marketing goals in a relatively quick and easy-to-use engine.