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All MSP Marketing Services

Browse our entire selection of MSP Marketing, MSP Website, and JoomConnect service offerings - organized alphabetically by category. If you have any questions about one or more of the services listed on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us using one of the methods below:


MSP Marketing(- Collapse / + Expand)

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Campaign - Educate your MSP’s clients and prospects about why it is important for them to have a business continuity plan that includes a solid data backup and recovery plan.
  • Blog Service - Share IT expertise with well written, informative, and traffic-driving blogs. Get 3 IT-centric blog articles each week that are designed to educate your audience. Blogs can be set to unpublished if you’d like to review and customize them.
  • Blog Tip Emails - Educate your email list by providing them with technology tips and tricks right in their inboxes. These emails will contain tips and tricks that relate to common technology needs, issues, and uses for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Blog Tip Postcards - Promote your blogs as part of your marketing efforts! Blog Tip Postcards combine the use of traditional and inbound marketing methods to drive readers to your blog and increase engagement. This service is a great complement to our Ultimate MSP Blog Service.  
  • Brochure Kit - Get custom, easy to print, easy to distribute brochures with content based on the Ultimate MSP Website. With this kit, you get 75+ brochures in digital format, a call to action graphic for your site, setup on 20 service pages of your choice, a whitepaper, and more! 
  • Business Continuity Campaign - Our Business Continuity Campaign Kit will help you show your audience the importance of business continuity and your expertise on this subject matter. 
  • BVoIP Campaign - Dial up new opportunities with our BVoIP Campaign Kit and get everything that you need to sell BVoIP to clients and new prospects. 
  • Case Study Creation - Market not just your MSP, but your success as an MSP! Tell your customer success stories through a combination of storytelling and key informational content about your MSP and its service offerings. 
  • ConnectWise Email Templates - Keep your branding consistent with all client communication materials! Our customized ConnectWise Email Templates are branded to match your colors and include your logo, feature several services as ads, display contact and service information, and link to your social media accounts. 
  • Content Marketing - Increase lead generation with improved website content. We work with you to build heavily targeted, custom content about your specific differentiators, service area, offerings, and audience. Three different tiers are available based on your MSP's needs. 
  • Cookie Tins - With the Cookie Tin service, reaching out to your contacts has never been more delicious. Delight your contacts and make an impression that is sure to last by sending a tin of cookies to a contact that is branded with your company logo.
  • Direct Mail Campaign - Our direct mail campaign pieces combine the physical presence of print marketing with the enhanced capabilities of digital - allowing you to leverage the best of both worlds. We offer complete fulfillment! 
  • eNewsletter Service - Broadcast an informative, authority-building monthly eNewsletter to your list. Based on our Ultimate MSP Blog Content with additional newsletter-only articles and room for your own announcements and content, the Ultimate MSP eNewsletter is completely managed for you by our newsletter team. 
  • Facebook Like Campaign - Increase your follower count of your Facebook Business Page by encouraging people to 'Like' your page. More people following your Facebook page means more opportunities to drive traffic to your site, increasing your authority and opportunities for conversions.
  • Holiday Email Blasts - Each Holiday Email Blast is branded specifically to your company and is then distributed to your contacts via an email that includes your hours and contact information for support emergencies, relevant content and images, and links to your website and social media accounts.   
  • IT Playbook - Meant to educate the reader about your IT solutions in easily absorbable summaries, this fully-branded deliverable allows you to provide a hands-on, in-office reminder of your valuable services. Multiple collateral pieces are included to help you promote it.
  • Lead List Service - Get 50 vetted contacts for your list one-time or on a recurring monthly basis. Good lists are what drives MSP marketing forward!
  • Marketing Plan - Map out the future of your company’s marketing. Stay on track with the help of a comprehensive marketing plan report and 12-month marketing calendar. With them, you can start implementing your marketing strategies across the board. 
  • Meet the Company Campaign - Allow us to introduce you! We will pull a list of 50 new contacts, vet them and - over the course of about 6 weeks - introduce your company and your services to them, ultimately encouraging these prospects to become leads. 
  • MSP Marketing Videos - Use video to capture the attention of website visitors! We have several videos to correlate with services provided by MSPs and continue to grow that library. Each video comes with a mini campaign to promote it. 
  • Network Security Campaign - Our Network Security Campaign Kit has everything you need to execute a successful marketing event, like a webinar or a lunch and learn, built for your audience that educates and features your expertise.
  • Newsletter Service - Make an impression on clients, prospects, and leads! Send out monthly printed and/or digital newsletters to keep them engaged and up-to-date with technology-related news and events.
  • Password Security Campaign - Reach out and remind your clients and prospects of the importance of security best practices when it comes to the passwords that they create for their online accounts.
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign - Drive more qualified leads from Google with a Pay-Per-Click Campaign. Get Pay-Per-Click consultation, set up, and management of two campaigns. It’s paid search marketing made easy! 
  • Print Newsletter Service - Make an impression on clients, prospects, and leads! The Ultimate MSP Printed Newsletter contains four pages of great IT-related content, information about your company, and much more - printed on 11x17 paper and folded to fit inside a branded 6x9 envelope. 
  • Referral Campaign - Referrals are one of the best ways to generate new leads. Use our campaign kit to encourage your clients to provide you with referrals, or have us run it for you. 
  • Search Engine Optimization - Rank more frequently, get found easier, drive traffic, and convert. SEO is an important part of any MSP marketing strategy; we stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices so your website doesn't get left behind. 
  • Service Highlights - Keep your target audience “in the know” when it comes to your services. Our Service Highlights are an affordable, recurring service that are a great stepping stone in habitual marketing and can help keep your company top of mind. 
  • Social Media as a Service - Easily offer a wealth of information that your target audience can rely on. Our team creates and publishes one post per day to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Instagram can be added as well for an additional cost.
  • Social Media Graphic Refresh - Get premium graphics for your MSP's social media accounts that are professionally designed and customized to match your branding. Graphics are provided for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Social Media Rig - It’s time to get social! The Ultimate Social Media Rig includes the setup and customization of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, ties them all into a single dashboard, and trains you on how to proceed with marketing your MSP on social media.
  • Talking Head Videos - Engage your website visitors! Feature your CEO/President/representative in 20+ professionally shot videos giving descriptions about your MSP services, company mission, vision, and more in a captivating way. 
  • Tech Feedback Cards - Improve customer satisfaction and relationships by collecting feedback after your on-site service visits. Leaving behind one of our Tech Feedback Cards improves the likelihood of customer feedback.  
  • Tech Toons Birthday Cards - Give one of these cards to a client on their birthday as a way of letting them know how much you appreciate them. Select from one of our pre-written greetings or provide a customized greeting. 
  • Tech Toons Calendar - Get branded calendars featuring fun technology-related comics. They include conventional holidays as well as a few technology-related dates, and include your company's contact info. 
  • Tech Toons Comic Book - Give this unique comic book to your clients and prospects as a way of letting them know how much you appreciate them. The Tech Toons Comic Book is 30+ pages of IT-related comedy and info.
  • Virtual Marketing Manager - Get a single point of contact who assists you in driving your marketing forward through assistance with administrative tasks and weekly meetings. Our marketing experts will help you manage your MSP marketing strategy. 
  • Whitepaper Creation - Cement your reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy provider of IT solutions by providing your website visitors with a multi-page educational resource.

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MSP Website(- Collapse / + Expand)

  • Custom MSP Website - Get a custom MSP website design from scratch. We can design custom websites based on your existing branding, or start from scratch, to give you the MSP website of your dreams.
  • CMS Conversions - Love your existing site but want to take advantage of Joomla? We can convert it to the award-winning CMS platform with or without our MSP Website base.
  • Learning Management System - Turn your MSP website into a full-fledged education system for your clients and offer them access to your wealth of knowledge with your very own university system.
  • Live Chat - Chat with your website visitors instantly and provide another method of customer support. This personal, one-on-one interaction gives your team the opportunity to answer questions, solve problems, and even close sales! 
  • Managed Hosting - We offer managed hosting services for the critical aspects of your business. In this way, your MSP website can integrate your website with your company’s PSA for fast and seamless sales and support processes. 
  • SSL Certificates - Ensure that attackers are unable to intercept sensitive data being sent between a browser and a web server! Both Single Domain and Wildcard SSL Certificates are available. 
  • Template MSP Website - Start marketing fast with a fully-loaded, turnkey solution for your MSP. Get a pre-built website that's editable and customizable, with lots of amazing features! 
  • URL Shortener - Get a link management application that allows you to not only shorten your URLs, but also customize them. These brandable, marketable, and measurable links can help your MSP get traction on your campaigns, social media, and other marketing materials. 
  • Websight Tracker - Gain insight into your website’s performance and the behaviors of those who visit it. The information you can gather will allow you to properly optimize your website and turn it into the MSP marketing tool that it should be.

JoomConnect(- Collapse / + Expand)

  • JoomConnect Anywhere - JoomConnect Anywhere integrates with virtually any website platform, including standard HTML sites, allowing you to take advantage of the JoomConnect Platform without having a Joomla website. 
  • JoomConnect Platform - This is where it all starts! JoomConnect is the integration between your MSP’s website and ConnectWise Manage/Autotask, letting you automate the processing of leads and syncing of users.
  • Quick Analytics & Landmines - Track registered users as they browse and navigate your website. Quick Analytics records page views by individual users in a closed historical Activity/To-Dos. Landmines lets you trigger an Activity, Marketing Campaign (CW), and attach marketing groups and tracks the moment a user lands on a particular page. 
  • Quick Campaign - MailChimp and Constant Contact can now be integrated with your PSA. Full two-way Synchronization of subscribes and unsubscribes to Marketing Groups. In ConnectWise Manage, you can track sent emails, opens and clicks in the ConnectWise Marketing Campaign Monitor! 
  • Quick Capture - Set up forms on your website for your staff to complete with the contact information you require, select what the interest is from your predefined forms, then let JoomConnect do the rest. Quick Capture can be configured to automatically apply Opportunities, Activities, Tickets, Marketing Groups and Tracks in your PSA. No PSA License Required! 
  • Quick Commerce - Enable the synchronization of the products and pricing schedules from ConnectWise Manage with the VirtueMart e-commerce solution for Joomla. 
  • Quick Referral - Automate the collection of referrals from your clients. They are injected into ConnectWise/Autotask as a prospect with Tracks (CW), Marketing Groups, Tickets and Activities/To-Dos applied. The referrer is able to track the process from start to finish with the client portal. Let your clients help you with your sales! 

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