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Lead Generation

Lead List Service

Start building a list of quality MSP leads!

The lead list service is an excellent way to optimize your marketing efforts and save you valuable time! Let us generate a list of vetted candidates for your service for you to reach out to via direct mail (at least initially).



MSP Lead Generation Without the Work

A well organized, maintained, and regularly updated lead list will help you achieve the best results. By consistently adding new potential prospects, you’re helping your marketing reach the best possible targets.

When you sign on to our Lead List Service, we’ll do the leg work for you. We’ll scour your area for potential business opportunities, evaluating each prospect we find to confirm that they are a good match for the assistance you deliver as a managed service provider.

Get a brand new marketing list of 50, 100, or 150 contacts that meet your specifications.

If you sign up for our monthly service, your list of these vetted contacts will have new additions every month for your marketing and sales staff to pursue.

Have an existing list? We can evaluate it too!


  • Recieve new contacts that could be receptive to your marketing
  • Contacts are hand-selected specifically for you, based on your requirements
  • Our guarantee: If a new contact turns out to be incorrect, we'll reevaluate or replace them
  • No more time wasted marketing to bad-fit companies, or ones that won't generate revenue

Our Fulfillment Guarantee

In order for our lead list to work for your marketing activities, it needs to be accurate. If a contact we add turns out to be incorrect, we will reevaluate their inclusion on the list and replace them if needed.

Carefully Vetted Leads

It’s important to us that the contacts we gather for your list are of optimal value. Our Lead List Service evaluates each contact to make sure that they are an active company that would benefit from your services.

Here are just a few of the things we consider during our vetting process:

  • Is this business operational?
  • Who is the best person to market to within the business?
  • Do they fall within your service area?
  • What is their approximate size?
  • Do they have an active Internet presence?
  • Do they match your “best customer type” profiles?

Our Email Inclusion Policy

This service does not include email addresses, although if one is available, we will add it to the report. It is important to understand that this inclusion does not mean that you are legally authorized to use this email address. We encourage you to become familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act before attempting to use your lead list to market via email. You can learn more by reading our blog, Spam Sucks.

It is our suggestion that you use your lead list to make contact with a prospect through direct mail, securing permission to email them through these efforts.

By law, you cannot send a contact any email messaging unless you have already obtained their permission to do so. This is due to the restrictions placed by CAN-SPAM laws to prevent unsolicited emails, the violation of which can have hefty legal consequences.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is so important about a lead list? Why do I need a list in the first place? (- Collapse / + Expand)

As you go about your MSP marketing, it does you no good to waste resources on companies and contacts that wouldn’t be a good match for what you offer. A lead list provides you with opportunities that show the most promise of a successful conversion and lucrative relationship for you to focus upon. 

Why do you need to maintain your lead list? (- Collapse / + Expand)

A maintained list offers you a better chance of success. The addition of fresh prospects enables you to focus closer on your optimal targets, which benefits you for a few reasons: 

  • Improves Revenue Potential - A list that is kept updated and groomed has a much higher potential to generate revenue. 
  • Fewer Wasted Resources - If you are working off an old and neglected list, there’s a good chance that you’re hurting your own efforts. With an estimated 9 out of 10 small-to-medium-sized businesses failing in their first five years, your existing list may be largely populated with missed opportunities and non-starters. 
  • Targets Ideal Clients -  Some of your suspects won’t be the right fit for you. By vetting your lists against your ideal client profile, you can make your campaigns more effective through identifying your most likely conversions. 

How do you ensure that the contacts you pull are not clients or prospects that we have already had contact with? (- Collapse / + Expand)

We work with you to ensure that the contacts we give you are not ones already in your PSA. We can check our list against your own if you provide us your list or give us access to your ConnectWise. 

I bought a lead list from another company, and was less than impressed. Can you guys help? (- Collapse / + Expand)

We can! As a part of this service, we can take a list that you provide and review it, removing any companies that are no longer in business or do not fit your intended target. We can also work to correct incorrect contact information that was provided to you. 

How can I effectively target these leads once I get them? (- Collapse / + Expand)

The best way to contact them would be through direct mail pieces that introduce your company and what you do to them. With our Meet the Company Campaign, you can get exactly this: we will pull a list of 50 new contacts, vet them and--over the course of 4-6 weeks--introduce your company and your services to them through a direct mail campaign, ultimately encouraging these prospects to become leads. 

Another option would be to have members of your sales team cold call them. Feel free to Download our FREE Workbook on successfully mastering the cold call.