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The Ultimate MSP Blog - How It Works


What the Service Includes

  • 3 relevant IT-related blog articles per week
  • OPTIONAL: Blog articles can be set to unpublished if you’d like to review and customize them first
  • Automatic social media posting available
  • Content comes with images
  • No copyrights, no links back to us, no royalties, just great content!

Complete Content Aggregation

Ultimate MSP Blog Content is more than just 3 blog articles per week.

Blog articles are automatically posted 2-3 (mostly 3) times per week and automatically pushed out to your social networks that you provide for us. Content is often comprised of several tags that automatically get replaced with your information, such as your company name, phone number, and the local area that you serve.

The Ultimate MSP Blog Content is also used for our Monthly Printed and eNewsletter services.


We have multiple streams of content for our Blog and Newsletter services. We call this GeoProtection. We do this as a best effort to separate the content our customers get from their competitors.

joomconnect geo protection map graphic


In Addition

As an additional feature to the Ultimate MSP Blog Service, subscribers will occasionally receive FREE bonus blogs. When there is a major event in the technology industry that is likely to impact SMBs, a bonus blog will be created to for you to use to inform your readers about this event.

Considering how many major cybercrime attacks have happened over the past several years, education and awareness of IT security and best practices will help your clients protect their business’ data and networks. These blogs also include a few social media posts that you may use to share your blog!

For those of you looking to go the extra mile, email blasts are available for each bonus blog for a small charge. If you are subscribed to the Ultimate MSP Newsletter service, we’ll send the email blast out for you with a branded template from either your MailChimp or Constant Contact account.