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MSP Marketing Plan

Successful MSP marketing requires a plan.

MSP marketing is more complicated than ever. Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone. A custom, detailed MSP marketing report along with a calendar of suggested marketing initiatives can get your MSP marketing strategy on the track toward success.


What is a MSP Marketing Plan?

JoomConnect's MSP Marketing Plan is designed specifically for MSPs to organize and coordinate their marketing projects for an entire year. With a detailed Marketing Plan roadmap, your MSP marketing efforts will stay on track for growth throughout the year.

Your custom MSP Marketing Plan is tailored specifically for your company. By building out a customized and comprehensive marketing plan, your business will have a step-by-step guide for successful marketing and advertising of your services as an MSP.

Your MSP Marketing Plan Features

  • A comprehensive analysis of your company
  • Customized marketing plan and calendar created specifically for your company
  • A yearlong schedule of marketing activities, broken down monthly
  • A spreadsheet to help calculate your campaigns, ROIs and other metrics
  • A quick-reference guide to see the analysis of your company at-a-glance
  • Extensive meeting with your team to review the plan

Benefits of an MSP Marketing Plan

  • Comprehensive marketing plan and calendar designed to help organize your marketing efforts
  • Plan that increases marketing efforts gradually without overwhelming you
  • Reduce profit loss that occurs from ineffective marketing
  • A crash course in marketing will help you understand different types, methods, buzzwords and more
  • What areas can you improve on in your MSP marketing efforts?

How Our MSP Marketing Plan Works

We start with a preliminary study of your company. This is where we help you by examining your company’s needs.

  • What are your competitive advantages and differentiators?
  • Who is your target demographic? Are you advertising effectively to them?
  • Are you competing effectively with your competition?
  • Do you know your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)?
  • What areas can you improve on in your MSP marketing efforts?

Based on our analysis, we will suggest specific goals for your marketing efforts. This includes ways to measure your success. Understanding how to accurately measure your marketing campaign’s return on investment (ROI) and your key performance indicators (KPIs) is the best way to determine if your marketing efforts and team are successful.

We will then create for your company a month-by-month marketing calendar to accompany your marketing plan. From daily social media posts, to weekly blogs, to monthly newsletters, to local Chamber of Commerce meetings, these suggested activities will lay the foundation for your marketing efforts for the upcoming year.

With your new marketing plan and calendar complete, you can start implementing your marketing strategies across the board.

We Can Be There for as Little or as Much Help as You Need

We offer several solutions to complement your marketing plan. Check out our MSP Marketing Services to see what is right for you.

Let us manage your campaigns for you. Get regular, monthly management through weekly meetings with the help of our Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM) Service.

We can even run campaigns purchased through third-party providers or build a customized campaign around your featured service!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose JoomConnect’s MSP Marketing Plan? (- Collapse / + Expand)

We’ve come up with this Marketing Plan solution because we ultimately believe in the value that it provides. We want to share our methods, tips, and solutions that we’ve been able to successfully implement with our own on-site MSP company. Our goal is always to provide our partners with the services and resources to be successful. This is carried through to our comprehensive Marketing Plan, designed to get you on the path to marketing success. We want to help you build your marketing by making your marketing efforts easier and more effective with our companion services.

As a JoomConnect partner, you gain full access to our free documentation library that includes guides, webinars, partner training, and other resources that will make running campaigns, tracking email open/clicks, and processing of leads more efficient. We want to help you build your marketing.

Do I have to pay for a whole year? What if I only want 6 months? (- Collapse / + Expand)

The Marketing Plan is a comprehensive, one year plan. The price of the plan remains the same, regardless of how long you choose to implement it.

Will I need to put time into the MSP Marketing Plan? (- Collapse / + Expand)

Nobody understands your business better than you. Some time will need to be put into completing our questionnaire. This further assists us in getting to know you. On average, the time needed from you is about 3-5 hours. This accounts for the questionnaire and a meeting to review your marketing plan / calendar

As a consultant, we can give you the materials and knowledge you need to market your company. To get the most value from our resources, you may be required to create social media posts, give a presentation, follow up with prospects and leads, or carry out other common marketing tasks if you don’t use us to fulfill this need.

Will JoomConnect do all of my marketing for the entire year? (- Collapse / + Expand)

JoomConnect offers several marketing solutions that help you achieve marketing goals and can assist you as much or as little as you like. We offer marketing services including newsletters, weekly blogs, brochure kits, direct mail, videos, social media marketing, campaigns, and more. See a more comprehensive list on our All Services Page.

If you are looking for complete management and fulfillment of your Marketing Plan and the marketing that you do with it, this can be done through our Virtual Marketing Manager Service.

What if I have questions after the plans are done? (- Collapse / + Expand)

We are here for you and will be available for questions and support; just give us a call or submit a ticket. We also continuously develop our partner resources with useful information, educational webinars, and marketing tips and ideas to help guide you in the right direction.