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Meet Company Campaign Landing Page

Meet the Company Campaign

Promoting your business to new companies can be an awkward and rather intimidating process, if you don’t approach it tactfully. That’s where the “Meet the Company Campaign” comes in.



Allow Us To Introduce You!

We understand that running your business takes up enough of your time and energy, so let us help you. The Meet the Company Campaign introduces you and your MSP to your new contacts and demonstrates the value of your services. We will pull a list of 50 new contacts, vet them and - over the course of 4-6 weeks - introduce your company and your services to them through a direct mail campaign, ultimately encouraging these prospects to become leads. 

What You Get

Along with the 50 new vetted contacts, this monthly campaign includes:

  • 2 Landing pages with content highlighting 2 services of your choice including CTAs and an interest capture form
  • 3 Letters (each accompanied by an added deliverable)
  • 2 Oversized postcards
  • Follow-up phone script
  • ConnectWise Setup (if applicable)
  • Complete fulfillment (branding, printing, handling)

With the landing page, content, letters, postcards and phone script customized specifically for your MSP, the “Meet the Company Campaign” is ideal for any MSP looking to expand their client base.

General Campaign Timeline

The direct mail pieces that are sent out, each with a link to the appropriate landing page, using a schedule similar to what is below:

  • Day 0 - Letter 1, introducing CEO and company - deliverable included
  • Day 7 - Postcard 1, giving an overview of a chosen service
  • Day 14 - Letter 2, reminding about company - deliverable included
  • Day 21 - Postcard 2, giving an overview of a second chosen service
  • Day 28 - Letter 3, encourages recipient to reach out - deliverable included

The next step will be for members of your sales team to call recipients (we provide you with their numbers). We suggest that members of your sales team start follow-up calls with recipients approximately one week after Letter 3 is sent out. Don’t worry - we provide you with a phone script to use! 

Campaign Deliverable Add-Ons

Case studies, brochures, and printed newsletters are great deliverable choices to include in your campaign to showcase your expertise! If you don’t already have something to share, we can take care of producing it for you for an additional cost.



Ready to see what the “Meet the Company Campaign” can do for your company? Fill out our form to the right!

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