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Quick Campaign Pro

Leverage your MSP marketing with a fully-integrated email marketing campaign solution.

Every MSP knows how valuable a little email marketing can be to their MSP marketing, but when are you going to find the time to manage your contacts, plug them into an email service, and then track the bounces, clicks, and opens after you send out your campaign? By taking advantage of email marketing resources like MailChimp or Constant Contact with Quick Campaign Pro, you can easily track those metrics inside your ConnectWise.


The Best of Both Worlds

Start marketing with a fully-integrated email campaign solution that tracks everything in ConnectWise's ‘Marketing Campaign’! Get the best capabilities out of your email initiatives, and start putting yourself in the spotlight.

With easy-to-use interfaces, both Mailchimp and Constant Contact let you set up great email templates and will track the success of your campaigns in terms of sent emails, clicks, opens, and bounces. Now you can track those clicks and opens through the ‘Marketing Campaign’ in ConnectWise with the Marketing API, or - in other words - with no programming or interaction required!

Bounce handling is done by Mailchimp or Constant Contact and synchronized to your ConnectWise, and subscribers can be added and removed from either side with Mailing Lists and ConnectWise Marketing Groups.

Track your Return on Investment

Keeping track of your ROI for an email campaign has never been easier!

Every time someone opens your email blast or newsletter or clicks a link inside it, it is recorded in the Marketing Campaign with no need to do any programming, messing with PHP files, scripts or other hassles. Send out your campaign and track results in ConnectWise. It’s that simple.


  • Use Mailchimp or Constant Contact instead of the Marketing Manager for complex HTML Emails
  • Synchronizes ConnectWise Marketing Groups to Mailing Lists and ConnectWise Campaigns to Marketing Campaigns
  • Subscribers can be added or removed from either side
  • Opens and Clicks are integrated with the Marketing Campaigns in ConnectWise without any programming
  • Bounce handling synchronizes to ConnectWise
  • Use Mailchimp or Constant Contact's email servers instead of your ConnectWise/Exchange Server

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Broadcast an informative, authority-building monthly eNewsletter, completely managed for you.

Based on our MSP Blog content with additional newsletter-only articles and room for your own announcements and content, the MSP eNewsletter is delivered to your newsletter Marketing Group from ConnectWise each month. With Quick Campaign Pro, subscribes, unsubscribes, sent emails, clicks, opens, and bounces are all handled for you automatically!

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