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JoomConnect Support Options

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Training Videos

Our team regularly presents training videos that are designed to educate end-users on the best practices of using the JoomConnect software.

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How-To Guides

We provide our partners with a valuable JoomConnect Training Guide that puts into writing all the information you’ll need to maximize a user’s understanding of the JoomConnect software.

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Help Desk

Through our help desk we provide comprehensive support to assist users with the administration and application of the JoomConnect Software. Currently our help desk is available Monday through Friday from 8:30-to-5:30 EST.

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Training Webinar

Every week we provide free training for our partners for both JoomConnect and Joomla, view the schedule here.
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Questions or Comments?

The friendly and knowledgeable JoomConnect team is happy to answer any questions and field any comments that you may have regarding our product.
Contact us today by e-mail at:

or by phone at: (888) 546-4384 or (607) 433-2200.