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Referral Campaign

Referrals are one of the best ways to generate new leads.

Use our Referral Campaign to promote your MSP’s referral program and encourage your clients to send referrals your way!


Asking For Referrals Has Never Been Easier!

When it comes to lead generation, you might feel the need to be subtle, as not to annoy the potential lead. And - despite having a business relationship - you might feel the same way about your clients. This definitely makes asking for referrals somewhat complicated, right?

To help simplify this process, we created a Referral Campaign that makes asking for referrals a breeze!

What’s Included

  • This referral campaign comes with:
  • Email copy
  • Postcard
  • Letter
  • Landing and Success page copy

DIY and Fulfillment Options

Prefer to do it yourself? You can run this campaign on your own time, and at your own pace. Or, if you prefer, we’ll handle the fulfillment, the set up.

What Fulfillment Includes

  • Landing page setup
  • JoomConnect or basic form
  • Branding / mailing of direct mail postcard and letter
  • Email sent to your contact list

You choose what works for you! Get in touch today!


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