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Social Media as a Service

Easily offer a wealth of information that your target audience can rely on.

Social Media has revolutionized the way the world communicates. It's time that you took advantage of the possibilities presented by using social media in your MSP marketing efforts.

Expand the Reach of Your MSP

By regularly posting to social media, your company is able to demonstrate their expertise as a MSP to prospects (and to the public at large). Educating current clients may improve your overall brand recognition... and maybe even show up your competition.

92% of marketers believe that social media is the best way to distribute content to their target audience.

Kick off Your Social Media Marketing

With Social Media as a Service (SMaaS), our team created and publishes content to your company social media pages on your behalf.

To help our clients get the most out of social media marketing, Social Media as a Service is built with the target audience of a managed IT company in mind.

Posts may include:

  • Links to your service pages and blogs
  • Information and statistics about technology
  • IT-related trivia
  • News/current events
  • Holiday posts
  • ...and much more!


  • 5-7 syndicated post a week to these platforms: Facebook, X (Twitter), and LinkedIn.
  • Include your Instagram for an additional charge
  • Relevant informational and statistical technology posts
  • Links to existing content on your website
  • Includes subscription to Social Center regularly $45 a month.

Service Requirements

Clients must have our Ultimate MSP Blog Service to be eligible for Social Media as a Service. Visit our service page for more info