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Quick Analytics & Landmines

Track registered users as they browse and navigate your MSP website!

Taking advantage of this JoomConnect add-on can help your sales team find and effectively target qualified leads - all while saving time through the power of automation!


How it Works

Quick Analytics records page views by individual users in a closed historical Activity/To-Dos. The Landmine feature lets you trigger an Activity, and attach Marketing Groups and Tracks (CW) as a user lands on a particular page.

Using these two features together makes it easy for your sales team to target qualified leads with services that they are interested in.

Benefits of Quick Analytics & Landmines

  1. Predefined Processes - Quick Analytics & Landmines can be configured so that specific Activities/To-Dos are triggered in your PSA. In addition, Tracks (CW) and Marketing Groups can be automatically assigned to users based on the pages that they visit so that these qualified potential leads are automatically hit with any marketing that you set up to run.
  2. Monitor Individual Traffic - Follow your users as they navigate through your MSP’s website with the help of Quick Analytics. Seeing what pages they spend time on lets your sales team know what services they might be interested in, making any interactions between your team and that individual more effective.
  3. Save Time - There’s no need for your sales team to monitor who visits what page on your website. You can configure Quick Landmines to let members of your team know to follow-up with a particular individual based on the web pages that they spend time on with an Activity/To-Dos.

Let your sales team take advantage of Quick Analytics & Landmines and improve their productivity, while at the same time making it easier for them to sell to qualified leads.

Contact us today to add Quick Analytics & Landmines to your JoomConnect!