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JoomConnect Anywhere

Automate sales, support, and marketing processes between your non-Joomla website and ConnectWise/Autotask.

JoomConnect Anywhere integrates your non-Joomla website with your PSA, allowing you to automate your marketing campaigns, sales activities, client requests, and more. JoomConnect Anywhere integrates with WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, Sharepoint, and virtually any other website platform, including standard HTML sites.


Integrate Without the Hassle

We understand there are cases where MSPs might not be in a position to revamp their site or want to leave WordPress or a different CMS. We created JoomConnect Anywhere to allow you to take advantage of some of JoomConnect’s features without having to make the switch to Joomla.

Most additional JoomConnect features will work such as Quick Forms, Automation Templates, Landmines, Quick Capture, and much more!

Features of JoomConnect

  • Create the Company and Contact
  • Generate a Service Ticket to the service board of your choice
  • Generate, assign, and schedule an Activity or To-Dos
  • Create a Sales Opportunity, with products (CW)
  • Create custom fields to gather specific information, such as text areas, radio buttons, or select boxes
  • Assign Activity and Opportunity to your Marketing Campaign (CW)
  • Apply Marketing Groups and Tracks (CW). Enable your users to choose which of your Marketing Groups they would like to opt into
  • Customize website experience based on Marketing Group subscription
  • Use customized forms for your landing pages, event registrations, campaigns, specialized service requests and much more!

Take Advantage of Our Add-Ons!

We have the following add-ons available that you can use to get more out of your website and JoomConnect Anywhere:

  • Quick Campaign - Integrate your PSA with Mailchimp and Contact Contact to better manage your MSP email marketing.
  • Quick Capture - Save your staff time by optimizing your new customer or lead entry process. No PSA License Required!
  • Quick Referral - Automate the collection of referrals from your clients, and let your clients help you with your sales!
  • Quick Analytics & Landmines - Track registered users as they browse and navigate your website.

Check out our JoomConnect Add-ons for more information!