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JoomConnect Anywhere: Integrate WordPress with ConnectWise

With JoomConnect Anywhere, you can automate sales, support, and marketing processes between WordPress and ConnectWise.

JoomConnect Anywhere integrates your WordPress site with ConnectWise, allowing you to generate opportunities, support requests, schedule activities, kick off marketing groups and tracks, and automate your lead generation processes in ConnectWise. JoomConnect Anywhere integrates with WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, Sharepoint, and virtually any other website platform, including standard HTML sites.


Compatible with JoomConnect Marketing Services!

Utilize the same great marketing services Directive and JoomConnect have to offer!

As an MSP, we know there is little room for marketing during the normal day-to-day. With JoomConnect Anywhere, you can still utilize our Ultimate collection of marketing services, such as our Ultimate MSP Blog Content, Printed and e-Newsletters, MailChimp Integration, and social media services such as our Ultimate Social Media Rig and Facebook Page Integration. Most additional JoomConnect features will work such as Quick Forms, Automation Templates, Landmines, Quick Capture, and much more!

Breathe new integration into your existing website with JoomConnect Anywhere.

JoomConnect Automation Templates

Get automated and get more out of your existing website with JoomConnect Anywhere!

JoomConnect's feature list is enormous, and JoomConnect Anywhere delivers most of the same capabilities, including our Automation Templates, which let you easily create forms. With Automation Templates you can:

  • Create the Company in ConnectWise
  • Inject Leads into ConnectWise
  • Generate a Service Ticket to the service board of your choice
  • Generate, assign, and schedule an Activities
  • Create a Sales Opportunity, with products
  • Assign the proper ConnectWise Marketing Campaign
  • Apply Marketing Groups and Tracks, letting the user choose from a list of marketing groups and tracks to opt in to
  • Create custom fields to gather specific information, such as text areas, radio buttons, or select boxes.
  • Apply Marketing Groups and Tracks based on the answers users provide on forms.
  • Create landing pages, event registrations, campaigns, specialized service requests and much more!

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  • JoomConnect Anywhere works on any website!
  • JoomConnect Content Aggregation
  • Create new companies, tickets, activities, and opportunities and landmines in ConnectWise from your website!
  • Trigger Marketing Groups and Tracks
  • Compatible with Directive marketing services!

Get started with JoomConnect Anywhere today and make the Rubber hit the Road!

Remember, if you are looking for a brand new, dynamic website, check out our Ultimate MSP Website template or inquire about our Custom Website design options!

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