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The Ultimate MSP Website Kickstart your Marketing efforts with a brand new, content-rich, ready-to-rumble Joomla-based MSP Website!  Includes pre-built SEO optimized content, Events Calendar, Job Board, Blog, Testimonials Database, Documents/Downloads Component, and much more!   The MSP Website is designed for the Joomla! Content Management System, and is 100% JoomConnect-ready.   Read the Full Story
JoomConnect Videos Listen to what our partners have to say about JoomConnect and working with Directive in the Video section of our site. We have some fun videos there too!
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"If it's not in your Website, then it didn't happen!" JoomConnect is the IT/MSP Platform that bridges ConnectWise with the Joomla Content Management System.  Extend ConnectWise to your website and provide your users with with a unified single login.  Automate your prospect-gathering efforts; deploy opportunities, activities, and tickets for your team, track and manage website visitors, and do it all before you even type a single keystroke into ConnectWise. Read the Full Story
JC Anywhere Not ready to move your website over to Joomla? No problem! JoomConnect Anywhere can give any site JoomConnect functionality. Create forms that inject leads into your ConnectWise and automate the creation of tickets, activities, opportunities, and apply tracks and marketing groups from any website with JC Anywhere!
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MailChimp Integration Sync contacts from ConnectWise into MailChimp based on ConnectWise Marketing Groups, and track Clicks, Opens, and Unsubscribes through ConnectWise. The integration also makes it easy to set up newsletters and email blasts in Joomla using Joomla content.   Read the Full Story
Facebook Integration Automatically Collect Leads from your Facebook Business Page into ConnectWise! Load any Joomla Website Content including JoomConnect Forms! JoomConnect Facebook Pages makes it easy to display new content on your Facebook Business Page.
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"Extend Connectwise to your website"
Once bridged with JoomConnect integrate with over 10,000 Joomla! community-developed extensions instantly and easily.


"Automate, Automate, we know the drill"
Marketing, Lead Capture, Analytics, Opportunites, Tickets, Tracks, Activities, Referrals, E-Commerce and more!

Campaign ROI

"Track your Marketing Investments!"
JoomConnect tracks its own ROI and the websites with the ConnectWise Campaign Monitor right out of the box!


Meet JoomConnect - The Ultimate MSP Website for ConnectWise

MSP Marketing Platform BrochureConnectWise partners, just like us, know the benefits of having their business powered by one of the most powerful PSA solutions on the planet. Now take a huge jump forward with JoomConnect, a powerful Web, MSP Marketing and Portal Platform that bridges ConnectWise with your website.


Contact us to learn more!


JoomConnect is the oldest and first integration of its kind; boasting the ability to capture leads from your sign up form and landing pages directly into ConnectWise, sync clients both ways, generate ConnectWise Opportunities, Service Tickets, Activities, Add Users to Marketing Groups and Tracks, attach Marketing Campaigns, assign a Sales Rep and provide one-click access to the ConnectWise Client Portal from a single click on your website.


Joomla is an award-winning CMS, available under the GPL license. With over 10,000 extensions, Joomla is more than a backend for websites, but a powerful system for online applications. Joomla has always proven to be the best choice, especially for a demanding Managed Service Provider that demands it's website is a powerful interactive MSP Marketing machine.


JoomConnect bridges your MSP Marketing efforts and ConnectWise, synchronizing your Joomla users with your ConnectWise users, and vice versa. Credential changes are made in real time, and you have complete control over group structure, registration form fields, and group synchronization. ConnectWise users can access specific registered-access areas on your site, and edit their profile information online which updates ConnectWise automatically. From there, you are able to take advantage of Joomla's massive repository of extensions, modules, and components, ranging anywhere from live chat to e-commerce applications.


As an MSP (Managed Services Provider) ourselves, we know the industry and understand its culture. We can help you withh eveything from Social Media to Newsletters and MSP Marketing Campaigns from Directive or any Campaign Provider.


-JoomConnect Team





Core Products and Services


JoomConnect IT Marketing and Website Integration Platform for ConnectWise



JoomConnect Website Platform for ConnectWise


“If it’s not in your website, then it didn’t happen!”


You’re a ConnectWise Partner.  You understand the value of process and running your entire business in one, complete business operating system.  Extend ConnectWise to your website with JoomConnect, and provide your users with a unified single login to your services and start automating your marketing campaigns, sales activities, and client requests. 

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MSP Marketing Website Platform


Ultimate MSP Marketing Website


Kick off your MSP Marketing Efforts Fast with a Fully-Loaded, Ready-to-Rumble Website Solution that's Flexible, Scalable, and built for Your MSP!


Keep your site fresh and dynamic with Joomla's incredibly intuitive content management system. Updating the MSP Website is fast and simple; never suffer from stagnant content ever again!


For partners running other PSA's or that don't have a PSA, JoomConnect is not required!

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MSP Marketing Blog Services


Ultimate MSP Blog


When was the last time you updated your company blog? Don’t let your MSP blog get stale and stagnant - use it to build authority!


Establish Yourself as the Local IT Expert! A blog can serve many functions from SEO, to providing great marketing content to prospects, to providing current clients information about other services.

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MSP Marketing Materials - Monthly MSP Newsletters


Ultimate MSP Newsletters


It’s time to kick off your MSP marketing! Broadcast informative, authority-building monthly Printed and eNewsletters


We were there once; staying on top of traditional marketing is a huge endeavor.  You’ve got enough on your plate, where are you going to find time to write the content, build the newsletter, and get it out the door?  How about tracking your return on investment for all of that time and money poured into it?

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Chris has the rare ability to be both visionary and pragmatic. He and his team have identified an excellent opportunity in creating JoomConnect.

They've worked closely with users and potential users to identify ways to make JoomConnect even more powerful.

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