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Charlotte Chase

CPT: The Importance of Security [VIDEO]


Maybe you hid a candy bar from your kids, or snuck an extra snack from the break room, we have all been there. We get it, food is important, so we do whatever necessary to protect it. Today, our team enjoyed Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes.

Watch the video below to see how two JoomConnect team members protected Crock-Pot Thursday.

Chris Chase

Tips to Better Use Your Smartphone's Camera


We’ve spoken fairly frequently on the value of using visual content in your marketing efforts, but on the off-chance that you come across a marketing opportunity as you go about your day, are you really going to be lugging around the equipment to capture it? Probably not, but there is a good chance that you’ll have another invaluable tool: a smartphone.

Chris Chase

Leverage YouTube as a Killer B2B Marketing Tool


It’s no secret that we’re fans of video marketing for business-to-business communications -- we’ve discussed the positive benefits quite often. However, we’ve yet to talk about how to best use the de facto platform for video content in your strategy. YouTube has considerable utility where marketing is concerned, especially when leveraged to its full potential.

Charlotte Chase

AS SEEN ON JOOMCONNECT: Crock-Pot Lunches Are a CINCH with Pasta Bolognese! [VIDEO]


Lunchtime in the office can be boring, not to mention difficult! Don't you wish that you had the extra room in your schedule to make Pasta Bolognese - the type of interesting, delicious meal that your hardworking team deserves? From cooking the pasta to making the sauce - and beyond, there is no doubt that cooking this mouthwatering dish is easier said than done. Well... have we got the solution for you! 

Chris Chase

Eight Ways to Hear What Your Clients Have to Say


When it comes to your business’ marketing, there’s one group who knows what works (and what doesn’t) better than anyone else: your audience. As a result, their feedback is some of the most important for you to hear. The best way of finding out what this group is thinking is to ask, and it just so happens that there are many ways for you to do so.