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Websites, ConnectWise API Integration, MSP Marketing and much more!
Chris Chase

Understanding Metrics Series (3 of 6) - Social Media


In part 3 of our 6-part blog series, we’ll examine the top 5 metrics you should be looking at in regards to your social media marketing efforts, and give you suggestions of how to improve.

Chris Chase

Get Noticed! Marketing and Web 2.0


How do you market to an audience that is fully capable of making their own ‘secret sauce’? An audience with a click of a button can just look it up and do themselves? What purpose does your business serve? In other words, why do I need you?

Charlotte Chase

CPT: “I'd Do Anything for Love”


For the love of Meatloaf that is! However, when the team requested Grilled Meatloaf for Crock-Pot Thursday, I had my doubts. Nonetheless we prevailed, cranked the 80’s tracks, and went to work on Meatloaf (on the grill). This recipe took the words right out of my mouth, as the entire JoomConnect team never felt so good, never felt so right.

This recipe is worth giving a try, as it truly was paradise by the pilot light.

Chris Chase

Understanding Metrics Series (2 of 6) - Video


In this six-part blog series, we’re taking a look at the key metrics we recommend monitoring when trying to determine how to improve your marketing. Here, in part two, we’ll examine the top five metrics you should be looking at in regards to your video marketing efforts.

Chris Chase

Why Your Marketing and Sales Need to Have Balance


In order for your business to be successful, there needs to be an incoming cash flow, and in order to draw in this cash flow, your audience has to be both aware of what you have to offer them, and have communicated their willingness to make an exchange with you. This outcome will be much more likely with help from two key components of any business’ team: sales and marketing.