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Your MSP Marketing Needs Client Reviews to Back it Up

Recently, Google has updated its requirements to run local ads from 1 review to 5 reviews. If you’ve been neglecting collecting reviews, now is the time to start, as they increase the value of your MSP marketing efforts.

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Lights! Camera! Action (In Your Marketing Efforts)!

Is your marketing in a rut? You’ve shared miles and miles worth of copy, all delivering considerable-to-extraordinary value to your readership. You’ve produced blogs, deliverable brochures and case studies, postcards, yet your marketing seems to have reached its peak, far short of what you know you can achieve somehow. That “somehow” could very likely be through some well-produced video content.

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3 Types of Social Proof that MSPs Need on Their Website

You can sing praises about your company’s dedication to providing superior IT support in your marketing all you want. The fact of the matter is, this isn’t always enough to convince every prospect that it’s worth entering into a business relationship with you. How do they know you aren’t stretching the truth?

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10 Tips For Getting Better (and More) Testimonials

The benefits of including testimonials in your marketing mix are many, but you need to make sure you approach your testimonials correctly. They are much more than just quotes praising your past services. To find out why you need them--and how to get them--read on.

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Gear for Recording a Video Testimonial

The use of video adds a considerable amount of value to many marketing materials, but the boost that video gives to testimonials particularly stands out. Videos, in general, will help keep your visitors on your site longer - and when they can see your happy, existing clients raving about your service, how could they not be convinced to engage with you? 

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Using Social Proof To Become A Thought Leader

You may have heard the term “social proof” pop up every so often when marketing is discussed, but what is it? Simply put, it is support for your marketing that you get by borrowing influence to add to your initiative’s. Social proof gets its power from the actions or opinions of an influential force--usually another person or their experience.

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Using Testimonials in Marketing Your MSP

Let’s face it, marketing is time-consuming, and your schedule is jam packed managing the daily operations of your business. Rather than slump on marketing - take part in one of the most effective, and hands-off marketing tactics there is, customer testimonials.

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The Role of Business Reviews in Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to providing the highest quality customer service for your clients, regular business reviews should be one of the top items on your to-do list. Business reviews are meetings, most commonly held quarterly, during which representatives from a service provider and a client discuss their current IT situation and plan how technology might be used in the future to improve business operations. A quarterly review will evaluate the progress of longer projects and make adjustments to their plans if necessary.

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The Social Proof is In the Testimonial Pudding

“Don’t take my word for it, listen to what this guy’s got to say!” Even though this well-known sales mantra is extremely overused and comes off like a used car commercial, the marketing principle behind it is highly effective. Is your website taking advantage of testimonies to help sell your product or service?

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