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JoomConnect is the Marketing Agency for MSPs. We strive to help IT companies get more leads and grow. We rock at web design, content marketing, campaigns, SEO, marketing automation, and full marketing fulfillment.
Chris Chase

ROI in the Digital Age

How do you measure the results of your marketing? Is it an increase in traffic, a rise in rank? Phone calls? Social media attention? The uncomfortable truth is if you can’t define your terms of success, what hope do you have to determine the ROI of your MSP marketing campaigns?

Chris Chase

How to Write a Successful MSP Blog

Creating content for your MSP blog doesn’t have to be an area of trepidation. You’re the best advocate and resource for what makes the services you provide as an MSP unique, you just need to give your audience a reason why they should choose you. Your blog is the perfect opportunity to show your experience, ideas, and why you’re the best at what you do.

Chris Chase

MSP Marketing Email Best Practices

Email marketing can be a powerful marketing tool for MSPs, but there is a very fine line between being productive and being detrimental. That said, you want to stand out enough that you get noticed, clicked on, read, and interacted with. Let’s talk about some email marketing best practices that your MSP can utilize for your next campaign.

Chris Chase

The Secret Sauce of SEO

What made online marketing a boon for businesses was the capacity to provide nearly real-time, focused search engine optimization (SEO) results. SEO can provide a wealth of information about user engagement, which - combined with this ability to acquire and analyze data quickly - can turn marketing and promotion on its ear.

Chris Chase

Get Noticed! Marketing and Web 2.0

How do you market to an audience that is fully capable of making their own ‘secret sauce’? An audience with a click of a button can just look it up and do themselves? What purpose does your business serve? In other words, why do I need you?

Chris Chase

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with Visuals

When marketing your company, you’re trying to trigger some sort of response from your target audience. It could be for them to purchase a new add-on you’ve just started offering, or to subscribe to your newsletter. It doesn’t matter what response you’re looking for: no matter what, incorporating visuals into your marketing collateral will help ensure that the message you’re trying to convey is better received.

Chris Chase

Blueprinting a Better Marketing Brochure

If you need to get some marketing materials into the hands of your prospects and existing clients, a brochure is an excellent option. However, because they are very visible, you need to be particularly careful that you are doing more harm than good to your reputation with a substandard brochure.

Fortunately, there are a some best practices that you may follow to create a better brochure that represents your company, and your solutions, well.

Chris Chase

How to Generate More Leads Through Your Marketing Activities

Leads -- without them, marketers wouldn’t have much of an audience. This is because a very small percentage of a given audience joins a marketing funnel ready to complete a transaction. In fact, many members of this audience will have to be introduced to your solutions as a prospect before they will become a lead. As a managed service provider, there are a few activities you can engage in to help encourage this lead generation.

Chris Chase

Spam Sucks

If you were to poll a group of people, we would be willing to bet the majority would say spam is gross - whether you’re talking canned “meat” or what fills that annoying folder in your Inbox. Now, the point of that meat-substance may have originally been a good one. After all, why wouldn’t a precooked meat that you could essentially eat anywhere, that was relatively inexpensive and could last for years, be a good thing? We’ll let you be the judge of that, but what we do know is that there is nothing good about the spam hitting your Inbox, and what’s even worse, is the spam hitting other people’s inboxes from you!

Chris Chase

How to Get the Action You’re Looking For, From Your Calls to Action

A call to action, CTA, is a clear instruction designed to provoke an immediate response. Whether you say something like “call now” or “find out more”, you’re attempting to convince your audience to delve further into your site or services, without being forceful or demanding. You don’t want your audience to feel like you’re telling them what to do, but rather offering suggestions and assistance to better themselves. After all, when faced with “you’re not doing this correctly so you need to click here now” or “for more information on how to increase your website traffic, click here”, which are you more likely to choose?

Chris Chase

Prospects Turn Into Leads

The main objective of a lead nurturing campaign is to push prospects on an educational path that moves them down into a qualification process and will result in a prospect that is highly qualified and ready to enter the sales process. To sum it up, it is a process by which leads are tracked and developed into sales-qualified leads. Two helpful tips before you begin guiding prospects on the sales journey; establish what “sales ready” means to your sales team and only put forth prospects that are ready and worthy of a salesperson’s team.

Chris Chase

Piecing Together the Requirements of Marketing to a New Industry

It's an unfortunate fact that if a company were to focus its services exclusively to the needs of a particular industry, regardless of how successful it was in delivering high-quality solutions, it would at some point reach its cap. After all, even if this company managed to secure every member of that industry as a client, there are only so many industry members to serve.

Chris Chase

Can You Spot the Differences? Advertising vs. Public Relations

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, they seem pretty similar but, like these two photos below, they’re actually different and you need make sure you focus on each in itself to maximize your company’s success. It’s easy to get confused about the differences between these as they all are essentially there to promote an organization and its products. However, as a business owner, you need to understand what each area involves and how it fits into the bigger picture - your success. Here, we will break down marketing, advertising and public relations, and explain why they’re important.

Chris Chase

How to Establish if Your Marketing Efforts Were Worth the Cost

It has become a prerequisite for success in the modern business environment that all businesses must engage in marketing in one form or another in order to achieve some level of success. However, measuring your marketing performance can be tricky, if you don’t know what to look for. We recommend that, in order to optimize how you spend your marketing budget, you keep an eye on the following metrics.

Chris Chase

What To Do If Your Logo Needs a Redo

If you were to show someone on the street an image of a arching yellow “M,” they would almost certainly recognize the brand that the iconic symbol represents, and could probably name many of the marketing initiatives and products that the associated business releases to the public. That’s the power a logo can hold--a single stimulus that can bring complete recognition of a brand, which is a significant tool to wield in pursuit of a successful marketing strategy. However, as a company ages, its logo may eventually need to be redesigned to better reflect the sensibilities of the company. When this becomes the case, there are particular best practices that should inform the design process to develop the most effective logo to represent the business.

Chris Chase

New Year, New You! Don't Forget Your Business Too!

Happy New Year! Welcome in all the New Year’s Resolutions: finally losing those 10 extra pounds, eating better, saving money, etc. Whichever you’ve chosen for yourself, don’t stop there! Resolutions should be made for your business too because there’s always something we could be doing better or more of. Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, sales or expanding your reach, a New Year’s resolution to focus on your marketing can help you achieve any of these things. Without marketing, your business stands little chance of becoming the best it can be. Take a look at 5 of our top marketing resolutions suggestions for 2017.

Chris Chase

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, Really.

Again and again you hear about the importance of content- custom content, relevant content, content in general, but what you aren’t hearing is that you need visual content. You do need visual content. Want to know why? 

Chris Chase

Why You’re Wrong to Think Your Small Business Doesn’t Need Marketing

That’s right. If you plan to stay in business for the foreseeable future, you need to be marketing.

If you’re the small business owner that has never knowingly utilized any marketing before, you’re probably saying to yourself, “No, I don’t. We’ve been doing just fine without it so far!”

Chris Chase

Using Testimonials in Marketing Your MSP

Let’s face it, marketing is time-consuming, and your schedule is jam packed managing the daily operations of your business. Rather than slump on marketing - take part in one of the most effective, and hands-off marketing tactics there is, customer testimonials.

Chris Chase

4 of MSP Marketing's Biggest Myths

We love tips and ‘how-to’s just as much as the next person. But like many “truths” on the Internet, there are several commonly repeated marketing-related facts that are used out of context, embellished, or just plain made up. Here’s a few of the misconceptions that we run into every day.