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How to Write a Successful MSP Marketing Blog


Tips to Write a Successful MSP Marketing Blog

The task of creating blogs for your marketing might seem daunting. But remember, you're the expert when it comes to the services your MSP offers. You can use your blog as a platform to showcase your experience and insights, convincing readers of your unparalleled expertise.

The Power Beyond Keywords: High-Quality Content

While MSPs often prioritize keywords, the true secret to outperforming competitors on Google rankings is outstanding content. Blogging remains a formidable yet often overlooked marketing resource for many MSPs. With the right approach, it can be a game-changer. Here's how:

Embrace Writing Without Fear

Forget about winning literary accolades. Your focus should be on conveying useful information and nudging the reader to engage further with your services.

However, keep in mind a hastily written, error-prone, or vague blog can be harmful. It might infer that  you're inattentive or indifferent, neither of which is ideal for fostering trust.

5 Basic Steps to Get Started Writing Your MSP Blog

  1. Identify Your Topic: Choose an MSP service you're passionate and knowledgeable about. Reflect on its relevance, audience, and how it reinforces your MSP's authority.
  2. Sketch an Outline: This will help you concentrate on keywords, address pain points, and propose solutions.
  3. Draft & Refine: Write a cohesive article, ensuring that even if you diverge from the outline, your core message remains intact.
  4. Proofread: Enlist someone to review your work. Collaborative proofreading often catches errors that individual reviews might miss.
  5. Revisit & Revise: Let your blog sit for a day or two. Re-evaluate and refine with a fresh perspective.

Tip: Always prioritize value over blatant sales pitches. An overtly promotional blog needs reworking.

How to “Supercharge” Your Blog's SEO

  • Header Tags: These help search engines identify the essence of your article. While H1 tags target primary keywords like "Why Outsource your IT?", H2 tags reinforce them with subheadings, e.g., "10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT". Remember: Natural integration of keywords is crucial. Overloading content can hamper its readability and even raise red flags with search engines.
  • Meta Descriptions: Consider these as your content's elevator pitch. In under 160 characters, they should grab attention and pique curiosity. E.g., "Ever wondered about outsourcing IT? Discover 10 ways it can supercharge productivity!"
  • Integrate Diverse Keywords: By encompassing a range of relevant keywords, you can cast a wider net, potentially attracting readers who might be interested in interconnected services you offer.

Example: A blog about network security can subtly touch upon related aspects like email security and team training.

The Perfect Blog Length

While there's no strict rule, aim for comprehensiveness without sacrificing engagement. Be it a concise 300-word article or an in-depth 1,500-word exploration, the focus should be on delivering value. If in doubt, seek feedback from peers or potential readers. Remember, in the digital realm, quality often trumps quantity.

Consistency is Key to Success

For blogs to truly shine, sporadic posting won't cut it. Adhering to a regular posting schedule, while ensuring consistent quality, is paramount. 

But blogging isn't just another task to tick off. It should align with your marketing strategy, solidifying your position as an industry authority.

You Can Amplify Your Blog's Reach

Even the best blog can't thrive in isolation. So how do you boost its visibility?

  • Homepage Highlights: Feature your blog prominently on your site.
  • Social Media: Share, and re-share relevant blogs across your channels.
  • Email Blasts: Spotlight your article in newsletters or dedicated email.
  • Direct Mail Promotions: Don't dismiss the power of traditional marketing like postcards.

Regular promotion keeps your audience updated, nurtures potential leads, and provides insights into audience preferences.

In today's competitive digital landscape, content is pivotal in distinguishing your MSP. With the right strategies, your blog can be a powerful, cost-effective asset.

Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help bridge the gap. With MSP-centric content ranging from our subscription service to custom content, we are ready to help you get your message across. Contact us today at 888-546-4384 to get started.
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