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Do You Have a Marketing Piece That Showcases Your Many IT Solutions?

Do You Have a Marketing Piece That Showcases Your Many IT Solutions?

Imagine this: you’re talking with a business owner and potential client that could be quite lucrative for your MSP. This business owner is unfamiliar with the types of solutions that he needs to keep his business technology operational and protected from any potential threats.

Good news! After hearing what you have to say, he’s interested in learning more about a LOT of your service offerings! The problem is, he wants to learn more about your company and how your services can improve his business, but he’s not tech-savvy enough to navigate your website to find what he’s looking for. So he requests a hard copy of something to look at. You have some brochures you could give him, of course, but then you’d have to hand him a bunch of loose pages. That certainly isn’t ideal.

What you could do instead? Hand him an IT Playbook!

Your Major Service Offerings… All Showcased in One Place!

An IT Playbook is a foundational marketing piece that we highly recommend you have at your disposal. If you’re not familiar with what it is, let us tell you!

Our IT Playbooks are small, professionally printed booklets that are branded with your company colors and logo. These booklets contain articles that detail your most popular services and showcase to readers just how important these solutions are if they want their business to stay secure and running.

Think of the IT Playbook like the box that a puzzle comes in: all the bits and pieces your prospects need for success, contained in one, easily-referenced document.

That’s the great thing about the IT Playbook: the most important pieces are all in one place! Don’t worry, we still make it easy for readers to learn more from you; pages in the IT Playbook link to respective pages on your website with QR codes and shortened URLs so prospects can easily head to your website to learn more.

The Benefit of This Marketing Piece

The versatility of the IT Playbook gives you a multitude of options to show prospects that you’re worth starting a business relationship with.

You could bring copies of your IT Playbook to live events that you host or attend, send them in the mail, link people to a landing page to request a copy - whatever you want! They’re yours to do with what you will, but we will provide you with our own suggestions to point you in the right direction.

Marketing Your IT Playbook

A powerful deliverable like this needs to be marketed to ensure that it’s used to its fullest potential. With our IT Playbooks, we try to give you everything that you’ll need, including:

  • A ‘How to Market Your IT Playbook’ guide
  • Playbook Request landing page
  • Prospect letter
  • Three-email drip
  • Three blog articles
  • Two deliverables

Get Your IT Playbooks Now!

Incorporate IT Playbooks into your MSP marketing strategy to see just how beneficial they can be! Visit our service page to learn more about them and place your order!

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