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Chris Chase

Why Your Website is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

When was the last time that you Googled your company? What about the last time that you navigated from your company’s homepage to each of your service pages? Your company blog? Your About Us page? What do those pages look like? When were they last updated?

Chris Chase

Marketing with Whitepapers (3 of 3) - Promotion

After writing and designing your whitepaper, it’s time to get it added to your website and start promoting it. The third and final part of our Marketing with Whitepapers series will discuss best practices in regards to doing that, and further steps you need to take to make sure that your whitepapers stay relevant.

Chris Chase

Marketing with Whitepapers (2 of 3) - Writing and Designing

Our Marketing With Whitepapers blog series kicked off with part 1, which discussed what a whitepaper is and why you should consider utilizing them in your marketing efforts. Now, we will discuss everything that goes into actually creating a whitepaper, including the research, drafting, and design.

Chris Chase

Marketing with Whitepapers (1 of 3) - Understanding the Basics

If you’ve kept up with the latest marketing news over the years, you may have heard claims that the whitepaper is dead. But actually, whitepapers hold a LOT of value for B2B companies, especially businesses that are in the technology sector. For managed service providers, whitepapers are too powerful to ignore.

Chris Chase

Don’t Waste Your Blog’s Potential

One of the best things that you can do for your MSP is to add a blog to your website. But, once you have them on your website, you’re wasting their full marketing potential if you just let your articles sit there on your website’s blog page. Consider everything they can do for your company if you use them to their fullest advantage.

Chris Chase

Spring Ahead of Your Local Competition By Following These 6 Steps

You’ve been nurturing this lead for months now. You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money trying to convince the business decision maker of this company to start doing business with you. But, just as you think they’re about to convert, they disappear. After you do some further research, you find out that another local managed service provider snatched them up.

Chris Chase

The Marketing Collateral Your Clients and Prospects Want To See

Marketing collateral is a collection of media that is used to support the sales of a company’s products or services. The primary purpose of marketing collateral is to showcase your business’ products and services in an informational but attractive way, while at the same time expanding your credibility. The collateral you use should support your overall marketing efforts.

Chris Chase

How to Start A Company Blog

Our recent blog Kickstart Your Marketing Efforts Using These Strategies touched upon the importance of establishing a blog when starting to market your company. Once you establish a social media presence, starting to blog through your company website is one of the best things you can do to ensure success with your initial marketing efforts. Let us tell you why.

Chris Chase

How To Launch Your Business’ Social Media Presence

Recently, we wrote about where to begin when starting to market your company in our blog Kickstart Your Marketing Efforts Using These Strategies. One of the things we suggested you should do first is to develop a social media presence. 96% of small business owners use social media marketing and believe it is important to their business. This means you should, too. What platforms should you use? What should you be posting? How do you grow your follower count? How should you be managing all of the channels you are on? These questions are easier to answer than you think.

Chris Chase

Understanding SEO: Part Two - Content Creation

In this five-part blog series, we’ll explore some of the primary concerns of search engine optimization and how you can use it most to your advantage. In this second installment, we dig deep into how to write content that is suited to your SEO efforts.

Chris Chase

How To Write a Blog That People Will Read

What does your blog strategy look like for this year? Hopefully, you have one in place, especially when 52 percent of B2B marketers rank blogs as the most critical piece of a successful content marketing strategy in 2018. If your blog strategy is still taking shape, this particular blog may help. Read on for a step-by-step guide to writing a blog that your audience will want to read.

Chris Chase

Leveraging Content Marketing in a B2B Strategy

When engaging in business-to-business marketing, your content plays a huge role in your success. Whether you’re creating social media content, blogging, creating articles for your web pages, creating newsletter content, or even working an in-person event, you need to make sure your content is effectively benefitting your marketing.

We’re here to help, so we’ve compiled some key considerations to make as you shape your content marketing strategy through each of the above tactics.

Chris Chase

Leveraging SlideShare is a Great Way to Market Your MSP

When John Henrik Clarke said, “A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson,” it isn’t very likely that he was referring to marketing a business. However, his point still applies: while marketing your business, you need to leverage different content formats to keep your audience engaged. SlideShare is one way to do so.

Chris Chase

The Key to Drawing In Your Desired Audience: Inbound Marketing

When marketing your business, the general wisdom is that inbound marketing is a good thing to include in your overall strategy. This is because it effectively draws in your most interested audience, in addition to usually being more cost-effective than most outbound avenues. Today, we’ll focus on what your inbound strategy should be based on, as well as a few actions to take as you implement it.

Chris Chase

How to Be Sure That You're Seen As a Credible Source

If you want your business to be perceived as more trustworthy and reliable, you need to build your credibility with your audience… but how do you do that? Fortunately, there are many routes to building credibility, each requiring effort and dedication. Let’s go over some of these methods now.

Chris Chase

Why You Need to Care About Your Internal Links

We’ve said that your website is the central hub of all your marketing many times. As such, it needs to meet a few criteria, especially as far as its internal links are concerned. Internal links are what make the website usable, after all, and in order to make impressions, a site has to be used. Today, we’ll go over why else internal links are so critical to your website, and how to best put them to use.

Chris Chase

Five Ways You Can Market Without Breaking Your Budget

Of any concerns a business may have, one of the most pressing is their bottom line, which means that all other considerations must address that final total as they are made. This is especially true of marketing considerations, as marketing is often an expensive endeavor. However, there are a few outlets available to market through for little-to-no cost to the business.

Chris Chase

The One Thing that All Marketing Needs to Be Effective

A target. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. For any marketing to be effective, it has to be planned with a distinct target in mind. “Everybody” is not a target, as there are near-countless types of consumers that all have needs that--while they may be similar--are distinctive from one consumer type to another. Therefore, while beginning any marketing initiative, it is crucial that these considerations are kept in mind as you go about tailoring your marketing to your target.
Chris Chase

Creating Custom Content: Step-by-Step Criteria

While we’ve spoken at length about how subscribing to a syndicated blog service to provide you with content is perfectly fine, we have to admit that there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of custom content. If used alone, custom content can provide your audience with a direct view of your unique insights, observations, and experiences.

Chris Chase

Should Your Marketing Include a Newsletter, a Blog, or Both?

When deciding how to reach out to customers, companies have a lot of options. You’ll probably ask yourself questions like, “Do I write a blog and hope my clients read it? Do I email a newsletter and hope it gets forwarded to potential clients? Do I publish a printed newsletter and mail it out to my clients and prospects? Or do I produce all three?” We’ve broken down some pros and cons to blogs, as well as electronic and printed newsletters to help you make your decision.