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How to Use Your Blog to Its Fullest Potential

How to Use Your Blog to Its Fullest Potential

We often say that a business’ website should serve as the centralized hub for all of its marketing efforts. It is where you should direct your prospects and contacts to really hammer home your value proposition and push them to convert. Your blog can (and should!) play a role in all this.

Let’s review some practices that will help you optimize your blog and make it as beneficial as possible.

First, Have a Blog Worth Your Audience’s (and Google’s) Time

Before anything else, you need to make a blog that your visitors will learn from and that search engines will evaluate as useful. Identify your audience and what pain points they frequently contend with that your services will help them address. This will give you an idea of what your blog should cover.

With this information in hand, write blogs that discuss these needs and how you and your services can address them. Focus a few on consistent needs and some on those that address things happening in your community if they apply to your business. Also, do everything you can to optimize the blog for search by including relevant keywords.

As you do so, pay attention to what seems to get your desired engagement regarding topics, format, and tone. If something gains more attention, A/B test to identify exactly what worked better so you can replicate it moving forward.

To make your content optimally effective, make sure it offers some practical benefit to your audience while injecting your own take on the matter, if applicable. Tie it to current events around your service area, tell stories and anecdotes, and use images and multimedia to your advantage.

These steps will help you produce the best, most impactful blog possible.

Second, Invest in Sharing It

Once you have your blog populated with some posts and have committed to a regular posting schedule, it’s time to put it to use.

Naturally, your blog should live on your website, but links to it should appear everywhere it makes sense to include them. Use your business’ social media accounts to help publicize it, reference it in emails, and link to it via QR codes on deliverables and direct mail efforts.

Depending on how much time you want to commit to it, you could create a condensed, adapted version of the blog to share elsewhere online, like on a forum-based social site like Reddit or as a guest post on another website. This helps you reach an audience you may not have otherwise and build the links that Google likes to see.

Returning to step one momentarily, writing your blog in a certain way also helps it spread. You can encourage your audience to share your content within the blog by including convincing calls to action and prompting them via little value-adds: stories, emotional triggers, and practical tidbits make content more sharable.

Third, Use Your Blog to Inspire More Content

It is also important to remember that a blog doesn’t have to stay a blog. A great strategy is to translate your written content into different formats, like a talking head video or an infographic deliverable.

This content can then be shared alongside the blog, helping you capture contact information from interested clients while showing your value. Plus, it helps you communicate with those who are receptive to different forms of communication.

We Can Help MSPs Put Blogs to Use

With numerous content services designed to cater to managed service providers, we’re here to help you share the value managed IT can provide to your prospects. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can deliver to you. Call 888-546-4384 today!

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