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MSP Learning Management System

Make your website a service offering all on it's own! Turn your website into a full-fledged education system for your clients. Offer your clients access to your wealth of knowledge with your very own university system on your website.

As an MSP, you've got some utterly fantastic solutions for your clients, and a big part of that involves the way you interface with them. Do you find your ticketing system and client portal being underutilized? Is your point of contact unsure of how to do business with you?


The Ultimate MSP Learning Management System

Utilizing an easy-to-use learning management system empowers you to build courses to ‘train’ your clients for doing business with you.

With the MSP Learning Management System, your website university can improve the relationship between you and your point of contact, and teach your clients how to:

  • Submit tickets using the client portal
  • Take advantage all of the features of your website
  • Educate clients on successfully proven IT Best Practices and even basic everyday computer issues

Offer IT Education, Courses, and More

Imagine being able to offer your clients education in basic productivity software and other solutions you offer..

Establish yourself as the local expert by offering education and training to your clients.  Utilize videos, webinars, static information, quizzes, and reports.  Offer free courses and paid courses, and allow classes to communicate and work together.  Best of all, the MSP Learning Management System integrates perfectly into your JoomConnect-powered website, syncing users and their portal passwords from your CW.

Import SCORM Content

Import standardized SCORM 1.2 and 1.3 content into your site, importing pre-built courses.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) content is the standard for web-based e-learning systems.  Import third-party SCORM data to add to your collection of courses and get even more out of your company university!

JomSocial Integration

Add social network elements to your website and university with JomSocial, the leading Joomla social media extension.

Turn your website into a bustling community with social profiles, networking capabilities, and social networking with JomSocial.  The Ultimate MSP LMS ties in with JomSocial giving your users customized profiles.  Again, since it’s all integrated with your current JoomConnect-powered website, users and companies synchronize with your ConnectWise PSA


  • SCORM compliance
  • Custom user roles, groups and permissions
  • Self, manual, and approval-only enrollment options 
  • Organization support for independent user and course management
  • Configure course access with CW Company Types
  • Course template system
  • Course certificates
  • Searchable course catalogue
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Forums, Chat, Email, file attachments, comments and live conferencing
  • Track grades, course completion reports, and material access
  • Free and paid course options with different payment options such as subscriptions, e-commerce integration and automatic invoicing