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MSP Newsletter Service

It’s time to kick off your MSP marketing! Broadcast informative, authority-building monthly print and/or digital newsletters.

Our experience with content marketing is that staying on top of it is a challenging endeavor. You’ve got enough on your plate. Realistically, where are you going to find time to write the content, build the newsletter, and get it out the door? How about tracking the return on your investment for all the time and money you have poured into it?


Educate Your Target Audience

Based partially on our Ultimate MSP Blog Content with additional newsletter-only articles and room to personalize it with your own content, the Ultimate MSP Newsletter Service provides great information such as tips, best practices, business to business content, and more every month in both print and digital format that will stand out to any local business owner. Our print and digital newsletters are second to none, and include industry leading content relevant to the IT industry.

Newsletters Features

Newsletter Only Content - Each month, four newsletter-only articles are created for your newsletter and two blogs from the Ultimate MSP Blog Service are picked to complement them.

Monthly IT Comic - Every newsletter features a comic created internally by us highlighting the humorous side of the IT industry.

Website Archive - We will create a place on your website to host all of your newsletters and will archive your most recent one once it is sent out.

Social Media Links - Let the world know you’re offering even more expertise on your social media sites to help gain more followers!

Trivia / Quotes - Technology and business related trivia, fun facts and quotes.

Space for Personalized Content - Do you have an announcement or promotion you’d like to share? We make sure there’s room!

GeoProtection - We have multiple streams of content to attempt to prevent your nearest competition from having the same content stream.

Monthly Printed Newsletters

Print's Not Dead - Make your impression on prospects and leads with a handsome, information-rich printed newsletter. Define your brand and marketing.

With a printed newsletter, you can provide great information such as tips, best practices, business-to-business content, and company announcements, and promotions that will stand out on a local business owner’s desk. The Ultimate MSP Printed Newsletter contains four pages of great IT-related content, information about your company, and much more - printed on 11x17 paper and folded to fit inside a branded 6x9 envelope.

We make it easy for your printed newsletter readers to get to your website. Smartphone users can quickly scan QR Codes to pull the article up on their phone or they can type in the shortened URL into the browser.

Monthly eNewsletters

Successful marketing requires constant contact with your existing clients and prospects; marketing your MSP is no different. Email marketing is a cost-effective and engaging email solution to promote your services as a MSP.

Reach your existing clients and prospects with a cost-effective and engaging email solution. Email campaigns are delivered to your newsletter list. Best of all, everything is managed for you! This includes writing the content, assembling the newsletter, and kicking off the campaign!

Integrate with Quick Campaign Pro!

With our JoomConnect Quick Campaign Pro integration, you can choose from Mailchimp or Constant Contact to track information. Subscribes, unsubscribes, clicks, opens, and bounces are all handled for you automatically. All of these actions are displayed in your ConnectWise. 

Our print and digital newsletters are second to none, we include industry leading content relevent to the IT industry.