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Chris Chase

MSP Blog Topics (Part 2) - News & Current Events

An integral part of promoting your services as a managed service provider is to maintain a company blog. Of course, since you have to write things to put on the blog, this can be easier said than done. What would you write about, anyway?

Chris Chase

MSP Blog Topics (Part 1) - Product Reviews, Comparisons & Recommendations

To demonstrate your expertise as a managed service provider in your local area, you NEED to have a company blog. The problem is, once you create one, what are you supposed to write about?

Chris Chase

The Optimal Content Marketing Strategy for MSP Marketers

Like any business, you want to sell more of your products and services. To do that, you have to let your target audience - current and prospective clients - know about these services, which you do through marketing.

Chris Chase

The Persuasive Power of Statistics in Marketing

You want your marketing to be persuasive in getting your target audience to do what you want them to do - turning to you for all of their IT needs. Unfortunately words aren’t always enough. Sometimes, you’ll need to use some numbers (specifically, statistics) to get your message across - the Statistics Appeal advertising strategy.

Chris Chase

Why Your Website Needs New Content on a Regular Basis

About five years ago, your MSP’s website went through a huge redesign. The difference was HUGE! Your clients were happy that your website was finally easy for them to navigate, and prospects were converting after visiting your website at rates you hadn’t previously seen.

Chris Chase

Why Blogs and Social Media Work Together So Well

Two very common digital marketing avenues that a lot of MSPs will take is writing blogs to drive website traffic, and using social media to connect with their audience. Both of these methods should definitely be a part of your company’s own MSP marketing strategy, but can be even stronger when combining them together.

Chris Chase

Don’t Waste Your Blog’s Potential

One of the best things that you can do for your MSP is to add a blog to your website. But, once you have them on your website, you’re wasting their full marketing potential if you just let your articles sit there on your website’s blog page. Consider everything they can do for your company if you use them to their fullest advantage.

Chris Chase

Understanding Metrics Series (6 of 6) - Blog

In the final part of our 6-part blog series, we’ll examine the top five metrics you should be looking at in regards to your company’s blog, and provide you with multiple ways that you can improve your results.

Chris Chase

How to Start A Company Blog

Our recent blog Kickstart Your Marketing Efforts Using These Strategies touched upon the importance of establishing a blog when starting to market your company. Once you establish a social media presence, starting to blog through your company website is one of the best things you can do to ensure success with your initial marketing efforts. Let us tell you why.

Chris Chase

How To Write a Blog That People Will Read

What does your blog strategy look like for this year? Hopefully, you have one in place, especially when 52 percent of B2B marketers rank blogs as the most critical piece of a successful content marketing strategy in 2018. If your blog strategy is still taking shape, this particular blog may help. Read on for a step-by-step guide to writing a blog that your audience will want to read.

Chris Chase

How to Use Calls-to-Action Effectively for Maximum Benefits

One of the major motivations behind implementing a marketing strategy is to inspire someone to do what you want them to do. However, that raises the question of how one can be sure that their audience reacts they way they want them to? The simple answer: by using a call-to-action.

Chris Chase

What You'll Need in Your Marketing Tool Belt

As business currently stands, each and every company (including those who provide managed services to others) need to be actively engaged in marketing efforts. Without these efforts, prospects are simply unlikely to progress to be the clients a business needs. There are tools, however, that an MSP may use to lead a prospect through what is known as the marketing funnel, or the progression of initiatives that help nudge a prospect to become a lead, and from there a client.

Chris Chase

Creating Custom Content: Step-by-Step Criteria

While we’ve spoken at length about how subscribing to a syndicated blog service to provide you with content is perfectly fine, we have to admit that there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of custom content. If used alone, custom content can provide your audience with a direct view of your unique insights, observations, and experiences.

Chris Chase

Should Your Marketing Include a Newsletter, a Blog, or Both?

When deciding how to reach out to customers, companies have a lot of options. You’ll probably ask yourself questions like, “Do I write a blog and hope my clients read it? Do I email a newsletter and hope it gets forwarded to potential clients? Do I publish a printed newsletter and mail it out to my clients and prospects? Or do I produce all three?” We’ve broken down some pros and cons to blogs, as well as electronic and printed newsletters to help you make your decision.

Chris Chase

Debunking the SEO Myths of Syndicated Content for MSPs

I keep running into articles that have some pretty big inaccuracies about syndicated content and SEO that I find troublesome. There is some confusion that syndicated content is never worthy of respect or consideration. This seems especially true when it is compared to custom content. However, this is not always the case, and so there are a few points that need to be cleared up. Considering that my company has provided both syndicated and custom marketing content to MSP's since 2009, I am uniquely positioned to debunk some of the Myths you may have read about.

Chris Chase

Write it Right: Sending the Message You Want With Your Content

Your content can serve a variety of purposes. It, of course, pulls traffic to your site and provides value to your visitors, giving them a reason to return and bringing you closer to a contact point. However, content can, and unavoidably will, also give your readership an impression of the “personality” of your company, through a variety of aspects. Of course, as a reasonable person, you want your website describing your business as a managed service provider to make as favorable of an impression as possible on those readers who very well could become clients in the near future. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to get a complete examination of what message you are sending to your readership, here are some steps you need to follow.

Chris Chase

4 Tips to Creating Reader-Friendly Content

Sitting down to write content can be intimidating. There’s been a lot of stigma placed around the important role quality content plays in your business’ marketing success. With such a heavy emphasis on content, many MSP owners and IT team members feel they’re not able to produce the caliber of writing needed to constitute ‘quality content’.

Chris Chase

How To Write a Quality Blog Article

As a managed service provider, you know that there are tons of people out there who have no clue how to manage their IT. That’s your niche in the business. You manage their technology, but your business also plays another vital role. You’re responsible for educating your clients about the numerous aspects of their IT infrastructure, as well as informing them about how managed services are helping them accomplish their business’s goals.

Chris Chase

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the C-Bomb

Content: It’s a word that fills every busy business owner with worry. You know that you need to create fresh content for your website in order to increase traffic, but you dread even the idea of content because you know you don’t have the time to write and post it. Is it possible to get the desired results that content brings your website without having to mess with it? Let’s examine this deeper.

Chris Chase

The Basics of Blogging for your MSP

Much in the same way as more mainstream social media platforms, the blog, or web log, started as a kind of public forum for personal diatribes. Also comparable to other social media platforms, the blog can not only be used to post videos of goats singing along with TV show theme songs, but can also be a potent tool for online marketing; it’s able to accomplish numerous marketing goals in a relatively quick and easy-to-use engine.