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MSP Blog Topics (Part 7) - Technology Tips & Tricks


To have a well-rounded company blog for your MSP, you need to write about many different topics. Our MSP Blog Topics Series was designed to give you insight into topics that you should be covering if you want to make the most out of your MSP blogging efforts.

The topic that we’re going to be covering today is tips and tricks when it comes to commonly used technology.

Why Write About This MSP Blog Topic?

Like all of the topics that we’ve already covered in this blog series, there are many reasons why a technology tips and tricks blog is beneficial to your overall MSP marketing strategy. Reasons why you should be writing about blogs like this are because this type of blog:

  • Is Well Liked - People like to make full use of the technology that they use in their daily lives. If they come across an article that claims to provide insight that they don’t currently have into that particular technology, they have a strong incentive to check it out. Even better: if they like what they read and find it useful, they may decide to share it through social media with their friends/followers - expanding the overall reach of your blog article. Don’t forget to prompt them to share in your call-to-action!
  • Gives You An Opportunity to Write about Non-Service-Related Technology - While blogs that are directly related to the products and services you offer are valuable, if those are the ONLY blogs that you write, your audience may eventually stop paying attention if they feel like all of your articles are just a soft sales pitch. A technology tips and tricks blog is a great way to draw them back in.
  • Establishes Authority - One of the main goals of having a company blog is to establish authority in your local area by showing that you are knowledgeable about IT. By giving them information that they might not know regarding technology that they are familiar with, you get to flex your own expertise and showcase your - and by extension, your MSP’s - all-round knowledge regarding anything technology-related.

How to Write About This MSP Blog Topic

Here are some things that are great general topics for IT companies to look into:

  • Microsoft products (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel)
  • Google products (Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets)
  • iOS and Android phone settings
  • New features that come after a software update
  • Search engine tips
  • Browser tips
  • Windows 10
  • Social media tips
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Digital file organization
  • Computer and laptop settings

It’s true that most of these topics won’t relate in any way to your service offerings. That’s okay; not every blog needs to! Like we mentioned in the previous section, these blogs still bring you value because they give further insight into the technology used by your target audience and allow them to feel like they are getting the most out of their use of it.

Between these ideas and any ideas that you can come up with, narrow down your article topic to cover a small handful of tips and tricks. You can even combine some of those listed above to create a narrow topic. For example, you could cover keyboard shortcuts to use in Google Docs or new features available in iOS settings after the most recent update pushed out by Apple.

Obviously, there are a LOT of things you can talk about for any of the above general topics. Pick a few related ones to cover in a single blog. If you find more while researching the topic that aren’t necessarily related, use them for another blog! The possibilities are endless.

Depending on how complex the tips and tricks you are talking about are, it can help to include pictures or even a video to better explain how to do something. Many people are visual learners!

Let Us Write About This MSP Blog Topic (And More!)

We publish many ‘Tips & Tricks’ blogs as a part of our MSP Blog Service. Get blogs like this, and more, three times per week by signing up for our service here.

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