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MSP Blog Topics (Part 6) - Local Technology News

MSP Blog Topics (Part 6) - Local Technology News

Imagine this: while browsing your Facebook feed, you come across an article posted by your local news station about a hospital in town that just suffered a data breach. While this is a terrible situation for all those involved, this presents a great educational opportunity for your MSP to capitalize on.

You could go the easy route and share that local news article to your company’s Facebook page with a short blurb about the importance of network security. Or - even better - you can write about it yourself on your own company blog, then share that article.

Why Write About This MSP Blog Topic?

Like all of the topics that you should be writing about, there are many benefits to writing about local technology news. Here are just a few of them:

  • It’s Personal and Convincing - Data breaches and other scary technology-related events are in the news all the time whenever something bad happens to a large, well-known corporation. But, for something to happen in your audience’s backyard? That’s a whole other story. Your audience will be able to better connect when reading about something like this because it shows them that this sort of thing can happen to any business… perhaps even their own.
  • Helps Establish You as the Local Expert - As a technology-centric company, it only makes sense to comment on technology-related news events as they occur. Use these happenings as an opportunity to educate local business owners so they know what they should be doing in regard to their technology.
  • Provides Sharable, Timely Content - Getting this content out the door and on your website in a timely manner allows you to capitalize on the event while it’s still in people’s minds. Your audience will be more inclined to share it if the event is still recent (but more on that later).
  • Improves Your Ranking - If you do this right (as in, including the right keywords and making an effort to promote the content), you can improve your ranking on Google.

How to Write About This MSP Blog Topic

When writing about a topic like this, you need to be fast; like we already mentioned, you want the blog to be published on your website while the local event is still fresh in people’s minds. Make sure that you are following local news websites and keeping an eye on any news items related to technology. As soon as you spot a relevant one, you need to start writing immediately.

Here are some things that you can look for:

  • Breaches and hacks on local businesses
  • Weather-related events specific to your region that could negatively impact technology
  • Technology and industry events happening in your area
  • Any technology or small business-related awards your local area has received
  • New technology legislation your city or state is looking to pass

When you write about a negative event that occurs, be careful about disparaging any local business or community member. Yes, depending on the topic of the news story, maybe they were negligent when it comes to their technology… but, don’t let that be the focus of what you write about! You don’t want to create any enemies, so watch how you frame your writing. That business might have considered turning to you to help them with their technology in the future, but if you belittle them, they’ll more than likely go somewhere else. Instead, start your blog off by briefly covering the event in a neutral manner, then talk about how other businesses can prevent this from happening to them.

Once you finish writing, get things proofed and then posted on your website. With a blog like this, we also suggest going the extra mile regarding it: share it on social media multiple times (boosting your post to reach a larger audience), and even consider sending an email to your clients. Depending on the topic, it might even be worth sending out a blog-tip postcard to a small, targeted set of business decision makers.

Let Us Write About This MSP Blog Topic (And More!)

We write about technology-related events from all over the globe through our Ultimate MSP Blog Service. These blogs include re-replacers that can fill things such as your company’s name and service area, enabling you to add a touch of localization to blog content on your website. These blogs also have the ability to be customized, which you can do to make them better fit your local area. Visit our service page to learn more.

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, we can write localized content for you - two, three, or four blogs per month for your site only - through our Content Marketing service. Contact us at 888-546-4384 to learn more.

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