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MSP Blog Topics (Part 8) - Timed Tech-Related Topics

MSP Blog Topics (Part 8) - Timed Tech-Related Topics

If you’re active online, you probably come across blog articles that seem to fit perfectly with the time of year that it is or with major events that are happening. There’s a reason for this: these articles perform well.

You can write the same type of content on your own company blog by writing about timed, tech-related topics.

Why Write About This MSP Blog Topic?

As we already hinted about in the intro of this blog, writing about this type of content:

  • Provides sharable, timely content
  • Is well liked and provides immediate value
  • Can assist in improving your search engine ranking
  • Demonstrates your expertise

Note that if you want to effectively write about these topics without scrambling every time an opportunity comes up, you’re going to need to plan ahead.

How to Write About This MSP Blog Topic

To best write about content like this, you need to be knowledgeable about the various technology-related holidays that are coming up, commonly celebrated holidays that you can cover, and big upcoming events in technology.

General Timed Events to Look For

You can latch onto big upcoming events in technology and write about them leading up to these events as well as shortly before or after the event occurs. In addition to any local events that you can latch onto and data breaches in the news, consider the following types of events for commonly used products and services:

  • End of life events
  • Product and service launches
  • Major software updates
  • Changes in legislature related to technology

Seasonal Considerations

Consider writing about topical content that occurs based on the season.

  • Spring (mid-March to mid-June) - Spring is the time for cleaning. You can focus on physical and virtual cleaning/organizing of technology, and making the switch to various virtual technologies to reduce clutter.
  • Summer (mid-June to mid-September) - With the weather warming up and kids out of school, workers will be taking time out of the office. You can discuss tips and concerns related to remote work, traveling, and mobility.
  • Fall (mid-September to mid-December) - The beginning of Fall signifies “back-to-school”, and with educational institutions incorporating more and more technology into the classroom, there are always things that can be covered. Also, as the year comes to a close (and, the next year begins), companies need to determine their IT budgets. Through your blogs, you can guide these businesses toward making the right decisions when it comes to their IT budgets.
  • Winter (mid-December to mid-March) - Harsh weather conditions in the winter can cause various issues for businesses. Talk about them.

Depending on where your business is located, you may also have some specific seasonal weather conditions that can be great to use in your writing. For example, if your area experiences tornadoes during a certain time of the year, you can plan to publish multiple blogs about the importance of backing up your data in case of a disaster and what business owners can do if they lose their data during a disaster like this.

Other Great Times of the Year to Take Advantage of

There are plenty of events that you can plan ahead with. We’ve listed a few general time periods below that you can take advantage of when planning and writing content:

  • The New Year - What new upcoming technology does the reader have to look forward to? What about technology concerns? You can also do analyses of the previous year and technology and business IT resolutions to tie into new year’s resolutions.
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - While there are plenty of technology-related holidays you can write about, this one is the big one that any company in the IT industry needs to leverage. You have a whole month (October) to focus on writing about content related to this, which gives you ample time to cover a variety of topics related to cybersecurity.
  • The Holiday Season - Consider all holiday-related concerns such as online shopping/purchases being made (and security concerns that come with this) and popular technology gifts.

There are of course many other smaller instances that you can squeeze a blog or two out of. Keep track of commonly celebrated and technology-related holidays and plan ahead! For example, you can put out a blog about going paperless around Earth Day or a blog about crafting secure passwords on World Password Day.

Our calendar can help you keep track of many tech-related holidays!

Let Us Write About This MSP Blog Topic (And More!)

Through our MSP Blog Service, where you receive an IT-related blog three times per week, we cover a variety of topics to ensure that you have a well-rounded blog designed to educate your target audience on all things. Learn more about what our service entails by visiting our service page.

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