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MSP Marketing: How to Track Marketing Success

MSP Marketing: How to Track Marketing Success

Success! Your marketing efforts have paid off, and you’re seeing leads for your MSP. The only problem is you don’t know what worked or why. Here’s how to help figure out what worked and how to keep the leads coming.

Your MSP Marketing is Successful!

Congratulations, your MSP marketing plan has borne fruit, and you’re seeing the leads, calls, and form completions you’ve been working so hard to achieve. You’ve followed the recommendations of your MSP marketing agency, increased your social media presence, written localized custom content, and followed the various suggestions offered, and yes, you are seeing the benefits.

However, short-term success, while important, isn’t enough to sustain your business. Real long-term and sustainable success is only achievable if you can understand and replicate the steps you made to reach your current levels of success.

Create Your Marketing with Intent

Many marketing campaigns are created by tossing things against the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s not uncommon for businesses to go from PPC to SEO, to buying a variety of lists, without determining the best method to increase their leads. Unfortunately, this leads to insufficient budget or time for their marketing to gain traction. The result is setting themselves up for failure, ultimately wondering if marketing their MSP is worth the effort or even works

This is why creating a marketing plan with clearly defined goals and benchmarks is essential. This allows you to determine what you want to accomplish and develop a path to success that you can follow. So, what do you want to accomplish? Of course, you want to increase business, but marketing can achieve that in different ways. 

Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Increase your foothold in a different location or different service? Or do you just want the phones to ring? You will need to develop specific strategies in order for these different, albeit related, actions to occur.

Define The Sources Of Your Leads

Do you know where your leads are coming from? Successful marketing reaches out and contacts potential customers using various methods. This means there are (or should be) different ways your leads could be coming in. The best way to determine where your leads are coming from is to create methods to track them, allowing you to make the best decision for your campaigns.

Before you start your marketing campaigns, you should:

  • Create unique landing pages and forms. A common mistake is using one form to collect all submissions, making it very difficult to track and isolate the source of the lead.
  • Determine which service area to focus on: MSPs offer a wide range of business technology solutions, but most only specialize in a few specific areas. It makes sense to put your resources into one or two areas you specialize in, making it easier to manage where your leads are coming from.
  • Set up a method to document the changes that you are making or have made: For example, if you change the content of your landing page, you should note what changes you made, so you can compare which landing page was more successful.

Use Your Google Analytics to Track the Source of Your Leads

Google Analytics provides different ways to track your leads. The easiest way to do so is by tracking the success pages of your campaigns. Why not the landing pages? The success page can only be triggered when someone completes a form that confirms the lead is genuine. 

Other interesting metrics to consider are tracking which pages are driving the most traffic, the location where most of your traffic originates, and which queries are generating clicks. These can help you gain insight into what services potential leads are interested in, allowing you to refine your marketing campaigns further. 

Your Team is Your Biggest Resource

While there are numerous marketing automation systems, (such as the JoomConnect MSP Marketing Platform) to track your conversions, and they work well, your team will always be your best resource. Your team has the ability to optimize how you develop content for your website because they are most familiar with the pain points customers are going through.  

The simplest way to leverage your team to make the most of your marketing success is to have them ask a potential lead how they found your MSP. This is important because they can have a conversation in real-time with leads and determine what triggered their interest in your services and, more importantly, what triggered Google to show your website as an answer to their question.

Do You Have Questions About Marketing Your MSP?

If you’re not getting leads or don’t know how to bring the leads you do receive over the finish line, we can help. We offer a wide range of services: (SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Lead Generation, and Website Design) designed to help bring your MSP to the front of the line and get the attention needed to become top of mind for potential clients. Call 888-546-4384 today to schedule a consultation, and learn more about the benefits of MSP marketing.
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