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Write More Effective Calls-to-Action Using These Tips

Write More Effective Calls-to-Action Using These Tips

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are an important part of marketing. The right call-to-action will drive your target audience to act, while the wrong one will lead to your message being ignored.

An important thing that you need to be doing is mixing things up every now and then. Are you using a “Read More” call-to-action when pushing all of your blog/newsletter articles? Do you use a simple “Sign Up” for all of your live events?

What you eventually might see happen if you’re doing this is that your audience will stop doing what you’re trying to get them to do. It’s the same incentive every time to do X, why would they continue do to X if they’re not getting any additional value?

Instead of turning in the towel and giving up trying to promote your IT service offerings, try mixing things up a bit and educating yourself on general best practices when it comes to calls-to-action.

Some Call-to-Action Ideas for MSP Marketers to Use

There are a LOT of calls-to-action that you can use to make your MSP marketing more effective. To make things easier, we categorized a bunch of them for you. Note that some of the ideas we give you could fall into more than one category; we placed them where we thought would make it easier for you.

Knowledge-Based Calls-to-Action

  • Learn More!
  • Get More Info!
  • Read More About ____
  • Learn How!
  • Find Out More!
  • Read This [URL]
  • Continue Reading About ____
  • Discover How To ____
  • Visit Our Website!
  • Click Here To ____
  • See More Here: ____

Registration or Event-Based Calls-to-Action

  • Join Us!
  • Sign Up!
  • Subscribe
  • Register Now!
  • Sign Up Today!
  • Register to Attend!
  • Reserve Your Spot!
  • Register to Receive ____
  • Visit [URL] To Learn More!
  • Get More Details

Trying, Downloading, or Ordering Something Calls-to-Action

  • Try For Free!
  • Claim ____ Now
  • Start Your Trial!
  • Download Now
  • Request Yours Today
  • Start Now
  • Get It Now!
  • Fill Out Our Form To ___
  • Order Now and Receive ____
  • Get Your ____
  • Order Now
  • Get Started

Contact-Based Calls-to-Action

  • Reach Out Today
  • Call Us Anytime
  • Send Us An Email
  • Sign Up For A Demo
  • Get a Quote
  • Talk To An Expert
  • Schedule an Appointment

Calls-to-Action with Deadlines (Firm or Implied)

  • Act Now!
  • Offer Ends On [Date] - Hurry!
  • Last Chance - Order Now!
  • Don’t Miss Out!
  • Act Quickly!
  • Don’t Forget To ____
  • Get ____ Off If You Order By [Date]
  • Order Now While Supplies Last

General Best Practices

Here are some general best practices that you need to keep in mind when writing calls-to-action for your marketing:

  • Keep Things Short - Calls-to-action should be straight and to the point; use your content itself to go into detail.
  • Convey Value - What do they get? Is it knowledge? Something free (or discounted) that they would find important or useful? Whatever it is, use your call-to-action to indicate it without sounding too sales-y.
  • Make Your CTA’s Easy to Find - Unfortunately, you can’t count on the recipients of your marketing materials to read everything you put in front of them. Make them more noticeable by using larger text or putting text on a colored button.
  • Try Indicating Some Urgency - Use FOMO (fear of missing out) to your advantage, but keep in mind that people will view your marketing materials at different times. If you’re implementing a deadline, give your audience enough time to meet that deadline with multiple marketing materials going out at different times leading up to the deadline.
  • Test to See What Works Best - Use A/B testing to determine which calls-to-action seem to perform better than others.
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