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Using Testimonials in Marketing Your MSP

Using Testimonials in Marketing Your MSP

Let’s face it, marketing is time-consuming, and your schedule is jam packed managing the daily operations of your business. Rather than slump on marketing - take part in one of the most effective, and hands-off marketing tactics there is, customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are your way of letting your clients market for you - why not take advantage? Prospective clients and leads will want to hear about the experiences other businesses have had with yours - and your testimonials page is going to be one of the first things they’ll look at. If you need more convincing, check this out.

First things first, make sure your website contains a testimonial page! You need a location to store this vital marketing information. Secondly, make sure you have testimonials to fill the page. A blank testimonial page is almost as harmful as a full testimonial page of negative reviews.

Positive reviews can be encouraged by practicing things like quarterly business reviews, customer surveys, and customer loyalty perks. 


Now, the best way to establish a solid testimonial page is by creating an organized layout. You’ll want to have a form to collect client testimonials so that they are displayed uniformly. Your form should include things like Client Name, Client Company Name, Client Since Date, and perhaps a brief description. Often clients avoid giving testimonials because coming up with the description is somewhat challenging, a questionnaire may be helpful - and prompt them to give a better response. Once the questions are answered your team can then write the testimonial and send it over to the client for approval.

If you’re having trouble obtaining testimonials just by casually asking your clients for them you should consider a testimonial campaign. Testimonial campaigns are designed to encourage clients to give you their testimonial in exchange for a reward - something like a VISA gift card, or a cookie tin are always good with us!

Luckily our team at JoomConnect specializes in creating and executing testimonial campaigns that will get your business traction in no time. If you’d like to find out more you can contact us.

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