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Chris Chase

Your Logo Represents Your Company. Is It Doing A Good Job?

The word ‘logo’ is derived from the Greek word ‘logos,’ which directly translates to ‘word’. In the world of marketing and design, creating a logo is like creating a visual word that will be used to identify your brand. Your logo should be treated as the foundation for messages coming from your company as it sets the stage for all branding efforts.

Chris Chase

How to Stack the Building Blocks of Your Brand

The marketing term “brand” has very literal roots, as it comes from the long-antiquated practice of branding livestock with a symbol that signified who owned that particular animal. Nowadays, however, “brand” implies much more than just a company’s ownership in its name or logo--it also suggests the personality and culture that a company exhibits and embraces. A brand, by design, is meant to shape how a company will be perceived by the public and is therefore a precious and fragile thing that requires careful maintenance. However, once started, developing a comprehensive brand identity and corresponding activity is fairly simple.

Chris Chase

When Rebranding your Company Might Be a Good Idea

Your company’s brand is a critical aspect of any and all of your marketing efforts. No matter what medium you are marketing in, and no matter what point in their journey a potential buyer may happen to be, your brand and message has to be consistent to everything you are producing. After all, your marketing establishes a personality of sorts that your audience will begin to associate with your company.

Chris Chase

Branding Guides: The Essential Marketing Success Tool

Marketing is something a majority of companies struggle with. Without the right tools, marketing success is unlikely. Business owners are hammered with the importance of building a brand, brand awareness, brand recognition, brand identity, and many think they can achieve this by simply slapping a logo wherever it is most noticeable. Your brand identity is essentially your DNA, although reflecting it isn't always that simple.

Chris Chase

The Importance of Cohesive, Consistent Branding

What is the difference between a good brand, and a great brand? Consistency.

What is one thing that all big name companies have in common? They are consistent across the board with all of their marketing initiatives. All collateral, all print pieces, all advertisements, and all graphics, together reflect a cohesive, unified image.

Chris Chase

Brand Identity and Its Influence on Marketing and Sales

In recent months we have taken a look at how to direct people to your company's website using social media and how to make your site a resource-latent hub to garner additional sales opportunities from your company's website. This month we will take an in-depth look about branding and rebranding. It is important to focus on how your company's brand, can be as important as the services or goods you offer. This brand identity may give you the competitive advantage you've been looking for.

Chris Chase

The Power of Content Marketing

Here's a beautiful thought, what if your clients and prospects actually looked forward to receiving your marketing material? What if customers spent more time reading your company newsletter than reading their favorite magazine? What if instead of tossing your newsletter in the junk mail pile, customers filed it away as a helpful resource? This kind of customer connection is possible with content marketing.