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The Importance of Cohesive, Consistent Branding

The Importance of Cohesive, Consistent Branding

What is the difference between a good brand, and a great brand? Consistency.

What is one thing that all big name companies have in common? They are consistent across the board with all of their marketing initiatives. All collateral, all print pieces, all advertisements, and all graphics, together reflect a cohesive, unified image.

Without consistency your marketing initiatives are destined for failure. Your brand is evaluated by your reputation, the message you are sending, and the depiction of your logo. Each of these components must be unified to create a consistent, strong, marketing strategy that can stand the tests of time.

  • Consistent Marketing Reflects a Dependable Brand: When first introduced to something new you begin to form opinions about it. As you are exposed to it again, you look for things you are familiar with. If your advertisements are full of errors and mistakes, and one day your brand colors are blue and the next day they are yellow, consumers are confused, and somewhat disheartened. Consumers relate these inconsistencies with the products and services your business offers. Do you want to be perceived as erratic and uncertain of your work, or do you want to build your authority as an expert in your field? Eliminate brand confusion and instill confidence in your business, and your clientele.
  • Manage Perceptions of your Business: If you want to be seen as the powerhouse in your industry, the expert in all things IT, you need to show people that you are. Consistency denotes competency and professionalism.
  • Brand Confusion is Erased: Many companies focus on one marketing initiative, and overlook the secondary initiative, and wonder why their marketing isn’t successful. Marketing isn’t the problem, lacking consistent marketing is. Promote a consistent brand, and brand loyalty will follow.
  • Consistency is Key: When it comes to keeping your branding consistent across the board, all of your marketing initiatives should be included, and your message, color scheme, and logo should be the same for each of them. Show consumers your expertise with a strong consistent brand, and then you can show them the consistency and quality of your products and services. A branding guide is an essential tool for any business that wants to maintain their branding in their marketing initiatives.

If you find that you need assistance keeping your branding cohesive, or would like help in promoting yourself, let JoomConnect assist you in the establishment and promotion of your business today.

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