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The Ultimate MSP Brochure Kit

For marketing to be effective it needs to 'touch' the customer not only many times, but in different ways. While the Ultimate MSP Website is the pinnacle in MSP Marketing, it's only one method of communication. This is where the Ultimate MSP Brochure comes into play, providing another opportunity to let your brand shine and your MSP Marketing to continue.

The Ultimate MSP Brochure is a printable brochure you can self-print, branded and reproducing the content found on the ultimate MSP Website. Not only does the ultimate MSP brochure inform clients of your services, but it also lets the marketing as a MSP continue even after the job is completed. While the world has gone virtual, there is still something valuable about the tactile feeling of a printed piece in hand.


Ultimate MSP Brochure Kit

Custom, easy to print, easy to distribute brochures with content based on the Ultimate MSP Website

While you can always point a prospect over to your MSP website, there’s still much to be said about having something physical sitting on their desk. Moreover people respond differently to marketing, some perfer to use the internet, while others may prefer a more traditional method of communication. The Ultimate MSP Brochure kit will provide the extra touch that can make all the difference when it comest to the effectiveness of your MSP marketing.

The MSP Brochure Kit contains all of the pre-built service content of your Ultimate MSP Website, and if you need us to make some text tweaks, we‘ll make sure they are tuned perfectly for your offering. Customized with your logo and colors, yet very conscious on ink consumption, these brochures are designed to print on any printer and look fantastic on standard paper or heavier stock.

Downloadable Brochures

The MSP Brochure Kit includes calls to action for your MSP website to download PDF brochures.

Give your website visitors downloadable PDF brochures based on the IT services they are looking at. When a brochure is downloaded, you’ll receive an email notification as well! This is a great way to track which IT solutions are generating interest, allowing you opportunities to leverage the interest into more focused marketing campaigns for your MSP.

What You Get!

  • IT Overview
  • Desktop and User Care
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Office
  • Network Security
  • Server Care
  • Spam Protection
  • VOIP
  • Web Filtering and Firewall
  • Fax Server
  • 24x7 Help Desk
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • UTM Firewall
  • Visitor ID
  • Brochure call to actions on your services pages
  • Brochures uploaded to be available on your website Document Manager
  • Branded BDR Whitepaper
  • Customized with your logo, company name, contact info, and colors

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