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Successfully Use Current Events in your MSP Marketing Campaign

Successfully Use Current Events in your MSP Marketing Campaign

When it comes to business ethics, the internet and the concept of ‘going viral’ is relatively new territory. When a story breaks and begins to go viral, businesses will try and hitch a ride on the wave of attention the story is receiving. For a business, building a marketing campaign around one of these viral stories or events can be a great success, depending on your choice of event. 

One of the trickiest parts to marketing your MSP services is creating an evocative and effective campaign without crossing over the line into dangerous territory. Whether the parameter is monetary, ability, or ethics, breaching the boundary can be devastating to your marketing efforts, and depending on the size of the gaff, your business. 

Let’s take a look at a recent event that affected SMBs all over the world and the ways that you might use it to launch a successful campaign.

Over the past few months, Kaspersky researchers were called upon to investigate a malware that calls itself Grabit.  What makes Grabit of special interest to Managed IT Service Providers is not the program itself but who it targets. Unlike the majority of spying campaigns, Grabit focused on small and mid-sized businesses. 

Grabit was spread through a malicious attachment that is disguised as a Microsoft Word .doc file. The program then utilizes Remote Administration Tools to spy on the device, even potentially remotely controlling it. Businesses who have advanced, up-to-date antivirus solutions and keep their software maintenance current at all times are able to combat infection by Grabit. But how many SMBs are able to purchase and maintain the right software to keep themselves safe? Not enough. That’s where you come in. 

When marketing network and email security solutions, many MSPs find themselves warning SMBs that they may find themselves targeted -- but the warning doesn’t come with a story or example of any type. It’s basically just a threat which can be easily ignored. The fact that sometime, someday, they MIGHT be targeted by malware is not generally enough to convert a sale or even start a conversation. By pulling stories from an event that has actually happened, the threat becomes a tangible risk. 

Marketable Idea: There are currently malware campaigns that are specifically targeted at SMBs. It’s called Grabit.

Method 1: Email Blast to Prospects and Current Clients

A simple way to alert your audience about the importance of a solid network security plan is through an email or series of emails. Note: The point of the email is to generate engagement and conversation through education. It’s not a sales pitch. 

The first part of the email should make the reader understand and identify with those affected by the event or issue. The second part should look at possible methods of resolution. The final part should be the only mention of your business and its services, almost as an after thought. “Oh, by the way, our service can help you eliminate this painpoint and is awesome.”

Method 2: Blog Article or Whitepaper Download with Social Media Campaign

Another great way to get leads and demonstrate your ability with a topic is through a blog, or depending on the topic, a white paper. Then, use targeted social media posts to drive your audience back to the content they are interested in learning about - which require them to visit your website. For information that is of particular value, you can even request that they fill out a form to access the white paper download. Social media posts can be comprised of interesting facts about the topic, quotes from experts, or statistics. 

These are just two of many, many ways to market a current event or news story. Always keep in mind that your audience is not looking for a sales pitch. They’re looking for the experience and knowledge that will make them comfortable selecting you for their IT solutions provider. Choose to educate, educate, educate

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