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10 Best Practices to Follow When Promoting One of Your Services

10 Best Practices to Follow When Promoting One of Your Services

You probably have a couple of different services that you wish your company sold more of. Maybe they have a bigger profit margin, or they don’t take a lot of time to manage so it wouldn’t overwhelm your employees if you sold a lot of this service. Whatever the reason, you need a way to promote that specific service so that you can generate more sales from it.

To do that, you can run a service-focused campaign. This type of campaign, like the name sounds, is focused on selling one particular service to your target audience (or, a subset of your audience).

Let’s go over some best practices to follow when doing this:

Campaign Best Practices

1. Take Time to Build Your List: You want your campaign to be profitable. So, you have to take the time and carefully craft your list so that your marketing dollars aren’t wasted. 

2. Pick Your Target: Similarly to the previous point, you want know who you intend to target when sending out your campaign materials before determining how you will target them. For example, you can email your clients, but you cannot email potential leads that you have if they haven’t yet given you permission to do so. 

3. Use Different Types of Marketing Touches: You should vary the way that you send out your marketing touches. Incorporate both direct mail and digital marketing tactics for optimal effectiveness. We recommend always including at least:

4. Space Out Your Touches: You shouldn’t be sending out all of these touches within a week’s time. Try to space out each touch by at least 4 or 5 days. 

5. Focus on Education: Don’t be too ‘in-your-face’ with sales language on your marketing materials. Try to focus instead on educating recipients on the benefits of the service you are promoting. 

6. Personalize When Possible: People will be more susceptible to your message if it is personalized to them. Incorporate the name of the recipient where possible. You can go even further by using language that relates to their industry. 

7. Follow-Up: One of your marketing touches NEEDS to be a follow-up call from one of your salespeople. Don’t have it be your first touch. Instead, have them call near the middle or end of your campaign, framing the start of the conversation around whether or not the person received the recent marketing communications. 

8. Stay Focused: Remember, you are promoting ONE of your services, not your entire menu of product and service offerings. If one of your salespeople discovers an opportunity during a follow-up call with them, then by all means let them go for it. But in terms of your marketing materials themselves, stick to promoting that one service. 

9. Track and Measure Campaign Success: Throughout the duration of your campaign, you should be tracking how successful your campaign pieces are. To do this, you need to have measures in place before you send them out that allow you to do this. This may include:

  • Tracking the traffic/conversions to a landing page on your website
  • Using different shortened URLs / QR codes to track hits from your different marketing pieces
  • Using an email marketing provider that can accurately track opens and clicks
  • During the service setup process, ask what made them decide to get this service from you

10. Revise and Repeat: Not every campaign is going to be a winner. Learn from your mistakes, and make changes. Then, run the campaign again at a later date. You already put all of that effort into creating and/or obtaining those campaign materials. Get your money’s worth!

If you would like further assistance running a campaign like this, consider signing up for our Monthly Service Highlight! This service is designed to draw your audience’s attention to a specific service that you offer (business continuity, unified threat management, or whatever you want to promote). Every month, you will receive a newsletter article detailing your chosen service and its benefits, two social media posts to draw your followers to your service page, and either a postcard or email to send out depending on your preference. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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