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Is Your MSP Talking About The Right Stuff?


When it comes to marketing yourself and your business as a managed service provider, your content should be the cornerstone of your strategy, supporting everything else you do. Regardless of what format your content is in, it needs to provide proof of your experience and value to prospective clients. Here are a few topics that your audience is likely to respond to.

Tips and How-To Guides

In order to be effective, your content needs to present you as the expert of your given topic. What better way to do so than by demonstrating your experience and expertise through a comprehensive how-to lesson on some relevant process or procedure?

This provides your audience with a resource that is inherently useful, as it immediately solves a problem they could experience by providing a workable solution. Not only that, but you are then established to be a source of reliable information. This all primes your audience to turn to you for help first for the little issues they need assistance with--and the more likely they are to refer to you for the little issues, the more likely they are to rely on you for any larger projects as well.

Alerts and Known Issues

From the minor inconvenience to the major faux pas, no business owner wants an issue to have an impact on their business. However, forewarned is forearmed, and so you can give your perceived reliability and proficiency a boost by providing your audience with the tools and knowledge to prepare themselves for incoming issues. Doing so allows you to generate two impressions of your business. First, that of a benefactor rather than a provider, looking out for your clients’ businesses instead of keeping an eye out for their payments. Second, you also prove that you have your finger on the industry’s pulse, further reinforcing your expertise and authority.

Whether your clients are facing the potential for a natural disaster or a new strain of ransomware, you can produce content that informs them of what the incoming threat can do--as well as what they can do to protect their businesses.

Current (and Future) Solutions

Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities to advance your marketing by discussing the solutions you have available. This can provide a wide variety of benefits, including a demonstration to your audience of how up-to-date you are with the latest solutions and, as a result, reinforcement that you can be trusted as a source of information about them. Whether your audience is seeking guidance as they make a decision or advice as to how to complete some process, your content allows you to put your best foot forward.

Your content can also show that you are also looking ahead to tomorrow’s technologies and technological needs. Technology will change, and planning for the future can demonstrate an awareness of this fact. Furthermore, providing your audience with educational materials suggests that you are actively working to educate yourself as much as possible. This all can help to build your credibility among your audience.

When producing content that focuses on a particular solution, it helps to tastefully tie it to current events if at all possible. This provides context via the practical example, and may offer a different perspective to the situation.

Company News and Events

Remember, there is no rule that says that all of your content has to be focused externally. A portion of it can--and should--be focused on the internal goings-on at the company. Not only will this allow you and your company to show a bit of culture through events and holiday celebrations, but it will also allow your contacts to feel like a greater part of the company community.

You can do more to extend your community through your content as well. Whether you produce a piece featuring an event or showcase one of your company partnerships, you can draw in more people who can then become new contacts, thus continuing the cycle.

Use These Tools To Build Your Strategy

Whether your content is written, filmed, or animated, these four topics are sure to grab the attention of your audience, a key component to any successful content strategy. For more help with your marketing--including assistance in your content management--reach out to us at 888-546-4384. 

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