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JoomConnect is the Marketing Agency for MSPs. We strive to help IT companies get more leads and grow. We rock at web design, content marketing, campaigns, SEO, marketing automation, and full marketing fulfillment.

Planning & Promoting Your Company Picnic [VIDEO]

It’s that time of the year again! Time to plan your company picnic. Of course your company picnic is an excellent opportunity to relax and recharge with family and coworkers- and eat delicious food, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to promote the personality of your company to clients and potential clients. 

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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 2

When it comes to Google Business Profiles and Google’s algorithm your business’ visibility may depend on how good your business’ profile is. We further explain how to optimize your profile to not only comply with the practices demanded by the almighty Google Search algorithm but also provide searchers with the exact information they need. 

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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 5

If you’ve made it this far into our series, good for you, you’re on your way to finishing mastering your Google Business Profile.  For the last segment of our series, let’s continue our discussion on Google Business profiles and how to really make your profile yours, and how to use it for engagement from your audience!

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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 4

If you’ve been following our series, you're aware we’ve been exploring Google Business profiles and the ways you can best optimize your profile to suit your business’ needs. Now, we are going to explain how to get started with claiming your business’ profile.

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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 3

Your business’ online web presence is directly related to how extensive your SEO strategy is. As you by now know, a good way to improve and manage your SEO is your business’ Google Business profile.

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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 1

When it comes to your business’ visibility online, your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy plays an absolutely critical role. While SEO is influenced by a lot of different factors, we wanted to focus on one way you can boost it: your Google Business profile.

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Narrowing Your MSP Marketing Focus

When you market your business’ services you want to make sure you are marketing effectively! With too broad a target market, you could be wasting your marketing efforts. You want to narrow your marketing focus - so try target marketing. By doing this you will be breaking your marketing into groups. Then you will narrow those groups down, to those that would need your product or services the most. 

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Have You Been Putting Off Your 2021 MSP Marketing Plan?

First, 2020 was a paradigm shift, and no business, regardless of size or industry, including MSPs like yours, survived it without needing to abandon their 2020 plans. This caused most companies to adapt on the fly or risk losing their business. As we near the end of the first business quarter of 2021, you need to consider putting your MSP marketing plans into motion.

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Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Most business owners realize that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the primary marketing tools to get your MSP noticed. Yet, very few understand that SEO (like most marketing) can often be a slow process. However when done correctly, SEO marketing can provide your business the boost needed to be heads above the competition and on page one of Google.

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5 Documentaries to Watch to Help Guide Your MSP Marketing Strategy

As a business professional who doesn’t have to sit in a classroom and take tests anymore, it’s a lot easier to actually enjoy learning. There are so many resources available in this day and age which you can take advantage of to expand your knowledge base. Even when it comes to your marketing!

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How to Become a Champion of Your Business

Small business owners must wear many hats. As a small business ourselves, we understand everything that goes into running one; even more, what goes into owning one. It’s a LOT of work, and a LOT of time and dedication is needed to keep it running smoothly while trying to have a personal life on top of it.

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Claim and Manage Your Business Online with Google My Business

You’ve probably noticed that when you search for a particular business using words like or similar to “near me,” Google will display three business options at the top of your search results, and then will load additional businesses once you click “More places.” Remember - businesses in your area that are in need of a managed service provider will probably be doing exactly that. How can you make sure you are in those top three results?

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How a Good Company Culture Leads to Good Marketing Materials

While marketing needs to include the quality of your products and services to an extent, that’s only half the battle. Your marketing also needs to show your audience what your business is about so they can determine if they think your companies will work together well - after all, there are few things worse in business than a relationship with an incompatible company. To avoid this, your marketing should include your company culture.

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"Hello, Anyone There?" Why Quick Response Times Matter

As an MSP, your company sells your products and services to other businesses - the typical nature of the business-to-business sector. And, as a business yourself, you probably understand this concept: time is money. You don’t want to waste this valuable resource in any way.

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Can You Use B2C Strategies in Your B2B Marketing?

As a company with a business-to-business delivery model, your marketing is very different than that you see on television. You may feel as though you’re speaking different languages - and yet their messages are the ones that stick in your head. Don’t worry, there’s a very good reason that this is happening, and a way that you can give your own marketing a boost with it as well.

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New Year, New You! Don't Forget Your Business Too!

Happy New Year! Welcome in all the New Year’s Resolutions: finally losing those 10 extra pounds, eating better, saving money, etc. Whichever you’ve chosen for yourself, don’t stop there! Resolutions should be made for your business too because there’s always something we could be doing better or more of. Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, sales or expanding your reach, a New Year’s resolution to focus on your marketing can help you achieve any of these things. Without marketing, your business stands little chance of becoming the best it can be. Take a look at 5 of our top marketing resolutions suggestions for 2017.

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The Why and How of Employee Appreciation

Why is employee appreciation important? Just as your clients are asking “what is this company going to do for me?”, your employees (and future employees) are wondering the same thing. One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated. We here at JoomConnect have come up with key points to help you effectively approach employee recognition and appreciation.

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Lead Your Business By Saying the Right Words

Some business owners might not be aware of just how much their speech can affect the people around them. Words can foster trust between two people, and have the power to end a relationship. Words can inspire people, but also put them down. You might not feel like you take certain people seriously, but psychological research proves otherwise.

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Managing Millennials Means Doing Things Differently

Millennials, the employees of the future… ten years ago. Now, they account for around 34 percent of the current workforce. It’s predicted that by 2025, they will total around 75 percent of the workforce. Therefore, it’s crucial for your business to understand what make millennials different than the people that currently make up most of today’s workforce.

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The Business of Helping Others

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want," - Zig Ziglar.

This is powerful advice from one of the most insightful motivational speakers of our time. What makes this so poignant is that it applies beyond your professional and your personal life, helping others also makes the world a better place.

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