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Narrowing Your MSP Marketing Focus

Narrowing Your Marketing Focus

When you market your business’ services you want to make sure you are marketing effectively! With too broad a target market, you could be wasting your marketing efforts. You want to narrow your marketing focus - so try target marketing. By doing this you will be breaking your marketing into groups. Then you will narrow those groups down, to those that would need your product or services the most. 

Do Not Waste Your Marketing Efforts

Make sure that your marketing efforts are of value and not wasted. You do not want to put the right services in front of the wrong prospects and you don’t want to put the wrong services in front of the right prospects. This is where narrowing your marketing focus will be most beneficial to your business. You want to make sure you market to those that fit with the services you provide

When you are preparing to market your services, you have to think about who you will be marketing to, this is called a buyer persona. By building your marketing efforts around who you want to sell your services to, this will help with the marketing strategy. Therefore your time and efforts will be better spent on marketing to the right prospects.

Narrow it Down

Once you narrow down what your target market wants, you will have to create content tailored to those groups. You do not want to overload your prospects with information. You want to focus on content that is tailored to that targeted group. Trying to broadly market your services will likely lead to weaker results, as there are just too many topics to cover without overwhelming your audience.

Creating a proper marketing strategy is paramount for your business, you know your strengths and weaknesses within your business. You will want to market your strengths, while making your weaknesses stronger, then market to those as well… but don’t get stuck in a niche.

Once you have selected a target market, there are a few ways to introduce your business’ services to them, here are just a few options:

...and more! 

Marketing Takes Time

If you see fewer results, this is to be expected as you are narrowing your target audience. Do not get discouraged, as marketing takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Your prospects want to get to know you and they may already know of you. Keeping you on top of their mind is just another vital component of marketing. When a prospect does need your business’ services, your business likely will be the one they reach out to, because you marketed properly and were on their mind.

If you are wondering if broad marketing is effective, it can be to a degree… but it does have its drawbacks. You may market to those that are too small to be beneficial, or to those that do not need any of the services that you provide. By marketing to a smaller targeted group, you have a better chance that the services you offer will be what they need and that will turn into a sales conversion.

If you are not sure on how you should go about marketing your business effectively, reach out to us! Here at JoomConnect we will be happy to assist you with your marketing efforts! Give us a call today at 888-546-4384.

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