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5 Inbound Marketing Methods MSP’s Should Be Using

5 Inbound Marketing Methods MSP’s Should Be Using

Marketing has two umbrella classification that most methods fall under, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Here are five inbound marketing methods that we recommend using to market your MSP!

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing methods are generally informative and aim to direct your MSP’s audience to your products and services, converting visitors into customers and clients. Additionally, inbound marketing has seen a rise in popularity recently as it is usually inexpensive in comparison to outbound marketing.  When you consider the long term results and returns, inbound marketing is just a better option than outbound marketing. 

When deciding what inbound marketing method to add to your marketing strategy we recommend the following: 

1. Blogging

A blog provides your MSP’s website with added content that is either informative and factual or opinionated. It is important that your blog content is relevant and tailored to your audience, don’t post things that your audience doesn’t care about or can understand. A blog doesn’t require much work to set up and with syndicated content and a schedule, it’s practically a *snap* to get started.   

2. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very powerful method, but more often than not, it goes unacknowledged and unused, which is a big mistake. When properly implemented, seo will increase your website’s visibility leading to an increase in your website’s traffic.  Keywords and meta descriptions aren’t that difficult to add and we highly recommend this method if you are suffering from poor website traffic.

3. Webinars

Webinars are presentations that are given via the internet. The purpose of a webinar is to present or explain/teach on a topic. Attendees of a webinar can interact with the presenter in real time and ask any questions that come up or for classification and elaboration. Furthermore a webinar can be recorded and shared on your MSP’s website and social networks like YouTube.  

4. Newsletters

A print newsletter is a way for your MSP to share your blog articles, upcoming events, and new products and services. It should be organized and intelligible, it shouldn’t look jumbled or messy. And it should be printed in full color. You can send these directly to your current clients and prospective clients; you can even compile a mailing list of all of the businesses you want to make contact with and mail them a newsletter to introduce your business to them. 

You can take your newsletter even further by also implementing a eNewsletter (a condensed form of your existing print newsletter).  

5. Whitepapers

Using whitepapers is a great method for when you want to establish your business as a leading authority in your industry. Whitepapers report or explain complex topics, or services, and aim to make complex information more comprehensible to the under informed. Your image as a leading authority will fill your customers with trust and relieve any doubts they may have about your business.

We Are Here to Help!

We know that marketing can get overwhelming, especially when you get down to the nitty gritty. And that's why we’re here to help you! Our marketing team will help you with your marketing efforts, check out our Marketing Plan service and receive a detailed marketing plan that will organize and coordinate all of your inbound marketing initiatives like mailiers, email campaigns, events, social media posts, and other marketing projects!

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