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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 1

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

When it comes to your business’ visibility online, your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy plays an absolutely critical role. While SEO is influenced by a lot of different factors, we wanted to focus on one way you can boost it: your Google Business profile.

Let’s go into how you can really shape your Google Business Profile listing to make the most use of its many available features.

What is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile (GBP) is a business listing that you provide to Google to share in the search results and Google Maps. Previously known as Google My Business, and Google Places before that, your GBP enables you to share all of your business’ most pertinent information and react to customer and client feedback—all in a convenient place for your audience to find you.

However, that’s just the start of what makes a Google Business Profile—and a good one, at that—so important for your business to have.

A QUICK DISCLAIMER: A Google Business Profile is only available to a business that actually has contact with its clientele, whether that’s in its own location or as a consultant that may visit a client’s place of business. So, while your MSP consulting business shouldn’t have a problem using this tool, it won’t work if you want to publicize a property you have available for rent, or some other similar purpose.

Okay, So… What is a Good Google Business Profile?

Good question! Tricky question, but still good! In order to answer this, it is important that we recognize that your Google Business Profile is being viewed by two distinct, yet equally crucial audiences.

First, you have the obvious audience—the people searching for the goods and/or services that you deliver as a managed service provider. Of course, these people would (ideally) be viewing your GBP… you want them to start recognizing and investigating your brand so that you can draw them in with the rest of your marketing. You want them to see your business as the best (and by their perspective, their first) option.

Second, you have the audience that ultimately controls whether or not your first, more obvious audience will see you in their searches at all: Google. Your GBP is also your opportunity to impress Google and convince the search engine to feature your business first.

So, a good Google Business Profile is one that provides searchers with the information they need, while also complying with the practices that will impress the almighty Google Search algorithm.

However, the question remains: why would Google invest in this kind of feature? Stay tuned to find out!


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