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MSP Marketing: Add YouTube to Your SEO Plan

MSP Marketing: Add YouTube To Your SEO Plan

Has your MSP marketing hit a wall? Perhaps it’s time to try something different? Videos have long been treated as a tool for engagement, but as Google incorporates video as part of its search results, consider adding YouTube as part of your SEO plans.

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Leverage YouTube as a Killer B2B Marketing Tool


It’s no secret that we’re fans of video marketing for business-to-business communications -- we’ve discussed the positive benefits quite often. However, we’ve yet to talk about how to best use the de facto platform for video content in your strategy. YouTube has considerable utility where marketing is concerned, especially when leveraged to its full potential.

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YouTube 101 - Curating Your Playlists [Social Media 101]

YouTube 101 - Playlists [Social Media 101]

Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool for managed service providers to take advantage of. If you’re using videos as you should be, you’ll have a large collection of videos throughout your website, all housed on your company’s YouTube channel.

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YouTube 101 - Closed Captions [Social Media 101]

YouTube 101 - Closed Captions [Social Media 101]

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world? Almost 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube, and that is not just the United States!

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