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MSP Blog Topics (Part 5) - Best Case Scenarios

MSP Blog Topics (Part 5) - Best Case Scenarios

You want your MSP to be seen as subject matter experts in all things IT-related. A company blog can help you achieve this when you’re writing about the right topics.

Our MSP Blog Topics series was designed with MSP’s in mind, with a goal to ensure that the content that you push through your website’s blog is the type of content that your target audience would enjoy reading. The topic that we’re going to be talking about today is just one of the many topics that you should be writing about - ‘Best Case Scenarios’ when it comes to technology.

Why Write About This MSP Blog Topic?

We’ve already talked about why writing about worst case scenarios regarding technology can be useful to have on your website - how about the opposite?

The following are some reasons why you should write about best case scenario technology situations:

  • Positions You as the Expert - A blog like this tends to be very factual, and can be a great piece to hit people with who are in the middle to end of your sales funnel.
  • It’s a Great Service Highlight - In this type of blog, you’re typically going to be presenting a certain type of technology and/or solution, and highlighting why it is so great.
  • Gives a Positive Outlook - A lot of the content that we consume today is framed in a negative way because that type of content attracts attention. This shouldn’t always be the case when it comes to the content that you write about; obviously, technology can do a lot of great things! Be the change you wish to see by talking about the good versus the bad.

How to Write About This MSP Blog Topic

When brainstorming a topic to write about, we suggest looking at the services that you offer. There are plenty of non-service-related technology topics that would fit a ‘best case scenario’ technology blog, but these would be better suited for a product review, comparison, or recommendation blog. The ultimate goal of this type of blog is to show business decision makers how utilizing your services will position them to get the ‘best case scenario’ all the time, every time. You could write it focusing on a single service and the benefits it can bring or on multiple related service offerings and the comprehensive gain a company could get from them.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when writing a best case scenario blog:

  • Use A News Event - If you can’t think of a good way to write about this topic in an organic, non-salesy way, start with a news event. This news event could even be something about where the ‘worst’ happened: just introduce that event, then spend the rest of your blog talking about how that event was avoidable, and the numerous benefits of doing things your suggested way.
  • Balance Your Use of Facts and Feelings - In most of the topics that you would write about for a best case scenario blog, you’ll probably be using a lot of facts and statistics to drive your point through. For an even stronger best case scenario blog, talk about the emotional benefits too. For example, if you were writing about the benefits that come from a BDR solution, you can include benefits like reduced stress levels on top of more factual benefits like business continuity, secure data, and quick restore time.
  • Keep the Negativity to a Minimum… But, Sprinkle It In - Your blog should be focusing on the good rather than the bad for this type of blog. However, it doesn’t hurt to present the opposite side for a few brief moments. Use it to drive the point home that the reader does NOT want the opposite situation to happen, just focus on weighing the positive outcome a lot more than the negative one.
  • Conclude with YOU - Like we’ve already said, with the help of the services that you provide, other companies in your local area should be able to achieve similar results… IF they partner with you! Make sure that your blog ends with a way for local business decision makers to achieve their own best case scenario by utilizing your service offerings.

Let Us Write About This MSP Blog Topic (And More!)

We write articles that showcase how great technology is and the benefits that it can bring to a business as a part of our MSP Blog Service. Get articles like this, and MORE, by submitting your order.

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