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Direct Mail Isn’t Dead… Here’s How to Use It Effectively

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead… Here’s How to Use It Effectively

Print marketing is alive and well, and sending direct mail pieces through the mail can be an effective way to target leads, prospects, and clients. 

There’s something special and unique about getting something in the mail that resonates with people, even if it’s “just” marketing materials. This greater investment into communication adds a personal touch to your marketing and gives recipients a tangible reminder of your MSP that won’t get lost in their email or buried in their social media feed. 

Here’s how you should be using it as a part of your own MSP marketing strategy. 

Effective Direct Mail Marketing Mediums

As you probably know, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to direct mail marketing. However, the costs can definitely add up! 

Here are five great, relatively affordable options that a small to medium-sized MSP can take advantage of:

  • Letter - Letters are a great way to introduce your MSP to a potential prospect in your service area. You can also use them when you want to include a lot of information about a product or service you offer. When using them, make sure they are branded with your logo and are signed as coming from a prominent member of your team, like your CEO or a head salesperson. 
  • Postcard - Postcards command attention with their oversized image, drawing in the recipient to read the marketing message. 
  • Newsletter - Printed newsletters draw attention like postcards do, and have the added benefit of tending to stick around the office to be read at leisure. As a result, your target is effectively hanging on to your marketing and generating more impressions for you! 
  • Deliverable - Send a deliverable to your promising prospects with an accompanying letter. Consider including a brochure or a case study! 
  • 1% Kit - A package full of branded goodies and in-demand office supplies is sure to leave an impression! While it’s a bit more costly to send one of these compared to our other suggestions, things like mouse pads, calendars, and mugs have a chance to be used quite frequently; when they’re branded, the user gets a reminder of your company every time they use the item! 

Provide a Direct Line to Your Website

Your marketing should always direct back to your website; just because your marketing materials aren’t on a digital medium doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to get recipients there. Here are two effective ways to do so:

  • QR Codes - Many mobile phones have QR code readers built into their camera applications. Allowing recipients of your direct mail pieces to scan one gives them a low-effort way to view the page you’re sending them to. 
  • Shortened URLs - For those who don’t have a QR code reader or don’t feel comfortable enough scanning one from a source they’re not familiar with, shortened URLs are a great alternative solution. These give you the flexibility to send recipients to any page on your website, no matter how long the original URL is. 

For higher success rates, include both!  

Let Us Do the Work for You!

We can help you with whatever direct mail marketing campaign that you’re interested in running through our Direct Mail Marketing services. We offer complete fulfillment, which means that any printing, folding, envelope stuffing and stamping, addressing, and mailing out is handled for you so you can be completely hands-off. 

Give us a call at 888-546-4384 for more information.

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