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Here are Four Outbound MSP Marketing Opportunities

Here are Four Outbound Marketing Opportunities for MSPs

There’s no school like the old school, and when it comes to marketing, “old school” more or less means “outbound”... an approach where you are reaching out to your audience, as compared to them seeking out what you offer. Let’s review some of the marketing techniques that you could use as part of an outbound-focused initiative that (especially with our help) proves to be a worthwhile endeavor as you promote your managed services.

Direct Mail

There’s just something about getting a letter in the mail that hits differently, you know? Fortunately, the same principle applies to business communications as well. Letters, newsletters, postcards, and other deliverables can be used to catch the attention of the recipient—and even if they aren’t opened and read immediately, they can be carried around and read offline. This lasting power is not to be underestimated when it comes to its ability to generate impressions over time.


Of course, for all the benefits that direct mail has to offer, email brings its own. Email is fast, easy to track in efficacy, and very accessible for a business of any size to use. While there are certain requirements you need to fulfill before you can email someone (namely, obtaining their permission to do so), all that takes is a checkbox on any deliverable download that secures these permissions along with any other acceptable course of obtaining email addresses. Once you’ve done so, email can be used for a variety of communications, from advertising one of your offered products or services, reminding your audience about an event or opportunity they have, to saying a simple thank you and everything in between.


There’s no denying that marketing can be expensive, so the return on investment—or ROI—that any strategy can be expected to generate is an important consideration. By its nature, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a generally cost-effective means of advertising that can see a considerable benefit to the business that does so. Rather than paying by the number of impressions to be expected, PPC can be budgeted ahead of time and it is only registered as successful when the audience member actively clicks through to your website.

Check out our guide to running a successful PPC campaign on Google.

Social Media Activity and Advertising

People spend a lot of time on social media, so it only makes sense to put some of your marketing someplace where they’re apt to see it. This cost-effective effort is not only relatively simple to manage, it helps your brand stick in the minds of your target audience. Whether you use social media as a free impressions generator or use the various capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, there are plenty of ways that social media can be used to your advantage. This can be even more effective the more followers you have, so you’ll want to do everything you can to grow your audience on your social media accounts.

It’s true, while a lot of what we recommend falls more to an inbound strategy, the value that some outbound initiatives can offer is not to be underestimated. Fortunately, we can help you with both. Give us a call at 888-546-4384 to ask how we can assist your business with both its inbound and outbound marketing initiatives.

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