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Why Isn’t My Website Enough to Market My MSP?

Why Isn’t My Website Enough To Market My MSP?

Many MSPs feel that now that they have their website, the leads will start flowing in. Unfortunately, the reality is that a website is just the first step to lead generation, not the end. MSPs need to realize that marketing their business requires more than just a website; here’s why.

Why Isn’t My Website Pulling in Leads?

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding developing a website is that once your website is complete, the customers will start flying in. Unfortunately, the reality is not only is your website one of the over 2 billion websites on the Internet, but you are also competing (depending on your location) with dozens or hundreds of your competitors' websites to gain the attention of potential leads. 

Just because your website exists is no guarantee that anyone will find it, let alone that it will generate the leads you need to grow your business. When we consider how many websites there are, it shouldn't be hard to realize how difficult it is to break through the noise and hope that a potential lead stumbles onto your website. You can't expect to gain the attention of potential leads by being passive and waiting for them to find you.

When you ask, “Why aren’t I ranking number one on Google?” it's because in a lot of ways, you need to be number one. Your site, your business, and your overall presence needs to be the best one.

Why Your MSP Website is Essential to Your Business Success

Your website is the primary tool to communicate how your managed IT services can benefit a business. The goal of your website is to be the first point of contact when a company is looking for a solution to its business technology concerns. With this in mind, it is essential to recognize that despite the importance your MSP website has as a lead generation tool, your website is only part of your marketing strategy, not the marketing strategy. 

As you are aware by now, most traditional marketing methods of reaching consumers have lost ground to online marketing as the dominant source for lead generation. In reality, most people expect a business to have a website and a high-quality one. A poorly designed website can turn off potential customers, and even Google may decide not to show your website as a search result. 

If businesses can’t find your website when they search for it on Google, then for all intents and purposes, your business doesn’t exist. This is why one of the first things we recommend as part of your belated New Year’s Resolution is to review your website and ensure it follows best practices for MSP websites. However, no matter how you slice it, you must market your website if you want it to work for you and ultimately create work for your business.

5 Steps To Market Your MSP Website

Here are 5 tips to help you get your MSP website in front of an audience:

  • 1. Invest in SEO: SEO remains the primary method to get your website noticed by Google and, therefore, by businesses searching for solutions to their technology problems. While SEO tactics include keywords and how Google ranks content, the one constant is that Google strives to understand user intent and give them the best answer to their question. Your SEO plan aims to ensure that you can convince Google that your website is the best resource to answer that question. 
  • 2. Create MSP-Focused Content: The content on your website should reinforce the belief that you are an expert in your field. It should answer the questions or solve the problems businesses have concerning the technology they rely upon, converting them into potential leads. The biggest mistake you can make when creating content is hiding critical information from people seeking answers. When you show that you understand the pain points  potential customers are experiencing, you will have a better chance to resonate with them and convert them.
  • 3. Value Social Proof: When it comes to marketing your website and your expertise, social proof is an invaluable resource. Social proof can take many forms. The most familiar is in the form of testimonials and reviews. Another is backlinks. Backlinks are links from another website to yours; ideally, the website linking to yours will be a high-quality website such as a .gov or .edu.
  • Backlinks are a form of social proof because the high-quality, well-regarded website tells its audience that you are a trustworthy resource because they allow their audience to access your website from theirs.

  • 4. Develop a Social Media Presence: With over 4.48 billion users, social media remains a force to be reckoned with and should be part of your website’s marketing plan. If you’re unsure how to start developing your social media presence, our Ultimate Social Media Rig can get you on the right track… fast!
  • 5. Promote all this Effort with Outbound Marketing: Outbound marketing isn’t dead. In fact, with fewer businesses using it, it actually helps you stand out. In our experience, including an outbound component with your inbound marketing adds to the value and can help you get more of a return. Plus, sending a business a bunch of postcards, valuable deliverables, and other good information gives you the perfect excuse to give them a soft call and check in on them.

Now is the Time to Truly Market Your MSP

Once your MSP website is up and running, the real work begins, especially once the leads start coming in. Do you have the means to track where your leads are coming from? Are your analytics configured to collect data in a way that helps your business understand what is driving traffic to your website? Does your sales team have the tools to help them follow up on leads? If you’re not sure if you’re ready to market your MSP, we can help. We’re the premiere MSP marketing agency, built from the ground up to help MSPs market their services and gain market share. Call 888-546-4384 today to schedule an appointment.
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