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Video Content Brings Value to Your Website

Video Content Brings Value to Your Website

Perhaps the best kept secret in the Managed Services industry is that video content is the most effective form of website content. The benefits are astounding as study-after-study confirms that website traffic soars when well-presented, well-thought-out video content is offered. In today's fast-paced market, you only have seconds to make an impression on a potential lead, and nothing does the trick like a good video presentation or vlog.

PR Newswire published a report that a Chicago-based digital direct marketing agency was able to increase its web traffic by 900% in just three months by launching a content marketing strategy that focused on video. This, in turn, caused inbound leads and links to grow enormously by incorporating calls to action within the video content.

YouTube now receives traffic from over a billion unique visitors every month, and it is currently the second most popular search engine in the world, surpassed only by its parent company's search engine, Google search. This has great implications for the future of your business. Estimates suggest that 76% of marketers are planning to include or expand upon video content. The numbers suggest that people that view videos are 85% more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service.

One of the first things you will notice once you begin to post video content is the substantial SEO benefits. Many that are new to web marketing have asked, "how can we achieve search engine optimization and be found on page one of a relevant search?" Integrating media may be the answer. A 2009 Forrester study showed that sites with video content are 53 times more likely to land on page one, and an additional study by the Harvard Business Review confirms that when video content was used in news and press releases, behavioral changes increased by at least 100%. By creating videos with the proper keywords and posting them on YouTube, adding the proper tags, and embedding them on your site, you exponentially increase your chances of being listed on page one.

With this information in tow, the question no longer becomes "Should I use video?", it becomes "What types of video are most effective?" Giants of industry such as Apple and eBay have found great success with animated videos. Google launched their own animated video campaign in 2012. Up to 60% of users will watch videos if they are available. Animated videos in particular are effective in gaining the trust of the viewer, as studies show that it harkens them back to their youth. Videos are usually thirty seconds to three minutes in length, ensuring that the target audience will watch them to completion. Videos can also be a very useful tool in developing and expanding your brand by gaining the attention of many potential customers that may have simply lost interest.

Vlogs that introduce you and your staff to a captive audience can be a great tool to convey your company's personality, as well as help potential clients put a face to a name. This improves relationships and boosts confidence in your product as your website experience becomes a more impressive and personalized one. Anticipation can be achieved by creating videos just a couple of times a month on pertinent subject matter regarding your field of expertise. This builds a type of substantial trust with people that you depend on for company for valuable information about a subject.

So what are you waiting for? The time to get started utilizing videos in your business model is not today, it was yesterday, last week, and over a year ago. It's time to stop talking about using this powerful tool, and time to start harnessing its amazing power. At JoomConnect, we provide complete marketing solutions for MSPs all over the world. For more information about how video content can benefit your web marketing efforts and be a valuable resource for returning visitors, call us today at (607) 433-2200.

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