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New Categories Coming to our Blog Service

New Categories Coming to our Blog Service

In an effort to improve the blog service, we are implementing new blog categories. These categories will assist in the organization of the blogs, making them easier to find by readers and helping search engines in crawling. 

Here is the new list along, with the type of blog articles populating each category:

  • IT Blog: Featuring IT services. This will be the largest category.
  • Security: Featuring network security solutions, virus prevention, and firewall.
  • Best Practices: Computer and network maintenance advice and numbered lists.
  • Technology: Reviews about hardware and consumer electronics.
  • How To: Tutorials, productivity tips, and walkthroughs. 
  • Business: Business apps, leadership, customer and employee relationships.
  • Alerts: Security alerts and the release of new upgrades and patches. 
  • Off Topic/Fun: Holidays and other miscellaneous and entertaining topics.
  • Cloud Computing: Articles that cover virtualization, cloud services, and anything associated with the cloud
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