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Three Ways to Build an Email List Starting Today!

Three Ways to Build an Email List Starting Today!

A common misconception among MSPs is that purchasing a list of leads is as good, or better than, cultivating a mailing list of their own. The fact is that purchased lists are expensive and unreliable, and, when used improperly, may even result in legal issues.

Unsolicited email is called spam. Purchasing a list of emails with the intent to use them for spam is called ‘email harvesting’ and there are strict laws prohibiting this method of list building. Violating this rule may result in blocked/banned IP addresses, civil lawsuits, and even criminal proceedings. Bottomline is that you can’t email anyone who hasn’t given you expressed permission to do so.

In addition to violating any spam laws, there is another reason to grow and maintain your list. More often than not, a list of your own will produce more qualified leads and improve conversion rates. It makes sense when you think about it. Who will likely be the better customer, the person who walks into a store by themselves or a person who is dragged in by a store clerk without any intention of buying anything?

Building a list isn’t nearly as scary as you might think. It does require some work, so we’ve put together these three tips to help your mailing list grow and thrive.

Make Signup Easy to Access

If the sign-up for your email list is only found hidden on a signup page, buried deep in your website, then you might as well get used to the idea that your email list is never going to be of value to your marketing efforts. It’s critical that your sign-up be easy to find and in multiple locations, on- and off-line.

  • On your Homepage: First and foremost, your email signup should be located on your homepage.
  • Sign-Up Page: To be clear, we are suggesting that you have more than one location on your website that encourages sign up, not that you shouldn’t have a sign-up page. It definitely comes in handy. Would you like to have a sales call sign up? Kicking them over to your signup page can simplify list growth. For example:
  • Social Media: Use social media to encourage people to join your mailing list. Some platforms, like Facebook, even offer a feature that is designed to optimize list signup.
  • Trade Show or Live Event: Online registration isn’t the only way to grow your email list. A simple signup sheet on a clipboard with a pen can be extremely effective. A best practice is to maintain this paper record.

Short and Sweet

As a general rule, people are weary of filling out a form or signing up for something that requires them to divulge contact information. The best way to maximize electronic signups is to request the least amount of information as possible. If you’re asking a client to sign up for email blasts, asking any more information than an email and name and company name is probably going to deter most prospects from signing up. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to find out more about your registrant after they agree to join your list.

Be Clear About Intentions

Transparency is a huge boon for marketers. Not only does it establish trust from the start of your relationship, but it also gives you the opportunity to weed out those who are interested in your services from those just looking for a free promotional item. Tell your clients exactly what to expect from you and when to expect it. That way, you’ll reduce the chance that you're alienating a potential customer by spamming them.

That isn’t to say that having a promotion or freemium offer should be avoided. Often, giveaways or discounts can be an effective way to get people to sign up for mailing lists. One way to incorporate transparency with a promotion is by offering a target specific deliverable. That way, your ideal target audience is able to receive your offer without having to weed out the people who signed up for an item with no intention, or need, of your service.


By employing the three tips above, you’ll be on your way to building and maintaining a prospect list that will pay off big time in the long run. Have questions about whether your mail list is up-to-snuff? Ask one of our team members about our mailing list consultation.

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