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4 Reasons that Newsletter Marketing is Important

4 Reasons that Newsletter Marketing is Important

Relationship building is an important part of a successful business-to-business sales process. Regardless of what part of the buying cycle a prospect or client is in, communicating with them regularly is important to that B2B dynamic. One of the most effective ways of maintaining communication is through a monthly newsletter, but why? What is it that makes newsletters so effective, even when there are so many other marketing options?

Here’s four awesome reasons why newsletters are still a top choice for B2B marketers:

  1. Personalize your Business - As a managed IT service provider, you and your team spend a lot of time working with clients remotely - performing maintenances, patches, support, etc. In fact, it could be months between office visits. Sending out a monthly newsletter is a great way to remind your clients about all the great work you do for them, keep them up-to-date with company news and events, informing them about services they aren’t currently subscribed to, and of course, offering them a wealth of information about technology for small businesses.
  2. Staying Top of Mind - Think about this scenario: A local business that you met at a tradeshow wasn’t a fit at the time. They were small but growing and you added them to your newsletter list. A year later, you get a call from them. Their business expanded and they’re ready for managed IT - and because of your monthly newsletter, you were at the top of their mind when they needed IT help. Monthly touches are an economical way to keep your company’s name at the top of mind.
  3. The Rise of Reputation Referrals - Odds are that, as a B2B, when you think of referrals you think of a current or former client of yours recommending you to a similar business. In reality, Experience Referrals only account for about 49% of total B2B referrals. 46% of referrals are made based on your brand's reputation or an individual’s experience with your business outside of the buyer/seller relationship. It’s understandable that you may not want to spend money marketing toward people who aren’t interested in working with you, the extremely economical nature of a monthly newsletter however, lets you build positive brand reputation for minimal cost.
  4. Building Authority - It’s true that we talk a lot about the important role building brand reputation and authority plays in your marketing. Building authority and creating a positive brand identity improves likelihood of reputation referrals, assists with lead nurturing, demonstrates your abilities and experiences, informs current clients of new or improved services and offers a wealth of resources to select from if a current client is looking for information. There is a reason that newsletters are still a very popular marketing tool - they boost your brand’s visibility and that is never a bad thing.

Sending out newsletters is a proven method of informing your audience of new services, showing off your talent, keeping them apprised to events and promotions, and letting them know "Hey, we’re still here and we still are or could be working for you!". Would you be interested in learning more about how you can start reaching your clients through email? Click here to learn more about how JoomConnect can help!

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