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Chris Chase

How Apple's Mail Privacy Protection May Impact Your MailChimp and QCP Results

Apple’s release of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey will offer a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection. If an Apple Mail user enables this feature, it will limit the ability for marketing software providers, like Mailchimp, to accurately determine the following:

Chris Chase

How to Build a Newsletter Audience that Mailchimp Will Like

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that offers businesses quite a bit of utility and features, which makes it a popular option among them. However, this popularity means that Mailchimp needs to be particularly careful that its users abide by email marketing best practices. As someone who just wants to market your managed services, where does this leave you?

Chris Chase

Comparing B2B Marketing Management Systems (1 of 3) - Email

To get the most out of your digital marketing, you should be utilizing the resources available to you via marketing management systems. The problem is, there are so many different options available to choose from. To help, we’ve provided a breakdown of our top two choices for providers that MSPs should consider when looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital marketing. The first part of our three-part series looks into our two favorite email marketing providers.

Chris Chase

How to Optimize Your Marketing Choices Through A/B Testing

One of the best things about marketing is that it is a very fluid process, heavily informed by how an audience reacts and responds to an initiative. This means that it is very important that you identify what marketing choices will optimize your impact. The process of A/B testing can help with this.

Chris Chase

Is MailChimp Right for Your Marketing Needs

The nature of email marketing, and the volume of contacts that many SMBs have, requires them to select an email marketing solution that helps them reach their goals. Today, we’ll review a popular option, MailChimp, to see if it is best suited to handle your business communications.

Chris Chase

Making Email Marketing Work for Your Business, Part 1

Email marketing isn’t easy. You have to spend the time and effort to make sure you have solid copy, are following all the rules and regulations of email marketing, complying with the rules set forth by companies like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, adding images and video that actually enhance your copy, and making sure you have the perfect subject line to make your audience even open your email. That’s a lot and we get that, but there are ways to track and test what you’re doing to make email marketing work for your company. In this 2 part blog, we’re breaking down 6 items you can test pretty easily in your emails, with some advice to help you along the way.


Chris Chase

Quick Campaign Pro

Using email blasts as part of your marketing is an economical, efficient way to reach a target audience. Whether you’re sending a monthly newsletter or an emergency alert about the latest malware attack, email is a versatile ‘go-to’ method for all types of marketers. 

Chris Chase

MailChimp vs. Constant Contact: Which is Best for You?

You've finally decided you want to delve into the world of content marketing via email campaign. Congratulations! Whether you have decided to send out a coupon promoting a new product or plan to send out a monthly newsletter, the question then becomes what service to use, and how do you know which is better suited to your needs. Let's take a look at two popular email marketing services: MailChimp and Constant Contact.

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I have been using Mailchimp for over a year now. And for someone who is not good with computers, mailchimp has really helped. It's... Read More
Thursday, 08 May 2014 22:50
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JoomConnect FAQs - November 2013

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JoomConnect FAQs - June 2013

The FAQ section of the JoomConnect Newsletter is designed to answer questions that we receive often about both JoomConnect and the MSP Website.

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