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Consistent Revisions are the Key to Marketing Campaign Success

Consistent Revisions are the Key to Marketing Campaign Success

Since it is an election year, we’ve all heard a lot about campaigning lately. Whether or not we’re involved in politics, what we know about campaigning is that the candidate with the best campaign strategy will win the majority vote. This same thing goes for your marketing campaigns and if you’re not constantly and consistently monitoring and refining your campaigns, it will be incredibly detrimental to your company winning the majority of the clients or potential clients you’re targeting and hinder your marketing success.

Campaigns should be approached with a rinse, revise and repeat mindset, not just run once and then never again. First you need to figure out what your goals of the campaign are, what do you want to achieve by running this campaign? Whether you’re trying to gather new clientele, selling a new service or increasing brand awareness, campaigns are really helpful tools when run and monitored and refined correctly. You need to be tracking these campaigns too, otherwise, you’ll never know what parts are working and what parts aren’t.

Once you’ve decided if you’re going to market your campaign toward suspects, prospects or leads, you need to decide what type of campaign to run. There are four main types of campaigns utilized most frequently to achieve marketing goals. Your Email campaigns track the links by pixels for opens and clicks, Drip campaigns are set to drop 3-5 emails over a longer span of time, Social Media Campaigns are run with a series of posts intended to drive traffic back to a landing page, and Direct Mail campaigns, like postcards and sales letters, have specific landing pages and phone numbers to drive the reader back to you and your site. You can use trackable phone numbers that will link to a personal line intended for that campaign so you can confirm where you’re getting the feedback from. You can also use QR codes and Google Analytics, which can track where users are coming from on a landing page.

Then after you’ve implemented your campaign and run it through its course, you will need to review your campaign. Using resources, like JoomConnect, Quick Campaign Pro and Campaign Director, allows you to receive updates on your campaigns and allows you to track a number of elements of your campaign such as blog post views, social media reach, email click-through rates, traffic sources and monthly goal progress. It is important to monitor where you’re getting good feedback and make note of where your audience isn’t. This allows you to focus on what works best for your company for future campaigns and allows you the opportunity to evaluate what didn’t work, figure out why it didn’t work out, and how to fix it. You need to be able to see your Return On Investment, or ROI, because if the campaign is not making you money you need to be able to make changes where they’re needed. Also, be sure to follow up and move any suspects/prospects further down the marketing funnel toward a sale. You can also pass on a survey with specific questions to those who participated in the campaign as another resource to help with refining your campaign.

cycle campaign 400Refining your campaign will allow you to expand on the strong elements of the process and correct the weaker ones. Take your feedback from your audience and use it to update your information to focus on the positive parts, increasing the value of your content. You should also consider any insight your audience gives you as a resource to make your campaign better for the next run. Be sure to observe the internal side of the campaign as well. Did you have any troubles tracking the campaign with the metrics that were chosen? Were the correct resources chosen? Was an adequate amount of time set aside for all aspects of the campaign? Going over your marketing lists, metrics and ROI will provide you with the information required to make sure that the absolute best routes are being used.

Finally, repeat - run the campaign again. Now that it’s been updated and configured to better suit the goals of you and your company, your campaign should deliver better results this time around. Keep this cycle going until you’re completely satisfied with the campaign. If you notice that you could be doing something to create better engagement while your campaign is running, pop in and add it. You can update your campaigns on the fly so that they achieve the most favorable outcome.

If you aren’t tracking and consistently working on a campaign as you go, you will probably never meet your goals. If you need help with any of the stages of your marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to give the marketing team at JoomConnect a call or hit us up on live chat. We’d love to help you plan, create and execute your next marketing campaign!

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